Saturday, December 13, 2014

Big News!! I'm on the move.....

Thats right! Lots of moving for me in the new year! We will be knocking our house down and moving to my inlaws temporarily while we build our dream home.

And also in 2015.......

I'm moving from Grades 5/6!!!!

Its a great leap....with great opportunities waiting for me :) I taught many of these students in Year 2 and never thought I would get the chance again. So I am feeling extremely lucky.

But the whole MOVING part......not so much. I spent the whole day at school yesterday cleaning out my storeroom so I am ready to move on Monday. I shared this pic on my Facebook page

Yeah I know! Huge mess right? Ill take another pic tomorrow of the mess in my new room :)

I will still be making K-2 resources (as I have loved doing these!) but will now expand my store to include resources for 3-6! My first one was Unlocking Word Puzzles 1 and Unlocking Word Puzzles 2 (or just grab the BUNDLE)
To celebrate the move, I will give one BUNDLE away! Leave a comment telling me which grade you will be on next year. I will select one random comment in around 30 hours.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Currently DECEMBER

Sorry I have been such a bad blogger :(
I even missed out on Currently last month! But I am linking up (a little late) with Farley this month.

Listening - We have tried to keep Saturdays pretty free in the morning this year. At the moment, the kids are playing Disney Infinity and having fun (which is better than the fighting they seem to do constantly)

Loving - 10 days left for school! We have 8 days with the kids and then 2 teacher days. But in the 8 days we have Picnic Day, Talent Quest, Christmas Concert, Gold Reward...... I am excited that we are so close to the end but I will REALLY miss my kids. They have been close too my fave class EVER

Thinking - Its time to pull all the craft down! I also have to pack up my storeroom because I am moving classrooms AGAIN! More about that.....

Wanting - Tomorrow is the day I aim to complete ALL of the Christmas shopping. Wish me luck?

Needing - Its that time of year where all the little things seem bigger, where everyone is a little more stressed and on edge. I feel I am usually a fairly positive person at work but its been a little harder this year. I need a big boost.......perhaps chocolate might help?

Giving - Our Elf Buddy arrived on Tuesday. The other K teacher and I are going for a bit more of a kindness angle with him this year and hopefully get our classes thinking about GIVING to others. And they must be starting to giving the bulging state of our Giving Tree in the classroom! Those boxes are full of food too!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Thank goodness it's Five for Friday!

What a long week! I have been such an inconsistent blogger. I have been trying to link up with

for weeks and decided to just sit down after a long day at work and do it! Here we go...
Divider 1

I played Mum last week and went on my son's very first Kindergarten excursion to the farm. How cute is this little ducking?
Divider 2
This was a sad sad morning in KB. The cleaner *might* have knocked it off and *might* have forgotten to tell me. Lucky for me, my AWESOME Scentsy consultant Alison from Teaching Maths with Meaning was able to order me a new one and within 2 days it was sitting at the door (or it *might* have been thrown over the fence by the post man). My room was back to smelling gorgeous this morning.

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I made this fun freebie and posted about it yesterday, If you didn't snag it, click HERE.

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On the right were the cute chickens I shared on my FB page from Mel @ From the Pond. Last week to go with our chicken theme, we made these super cute lifecycle chicks from Bilingual Scrapbook.

Divider 5
Today we said farewell to our chick babies. We had 4 families who adopted 2 chicks each and I made them promise to keep us updated with photos. It is always such a great experience having this happen in our classroom. The company we use is Living Eggs.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shake Rattle Drop and Friends of Ten

We have been practicing our addition and friends of ten this week. I came up with a quick way to play shake rattle drop all on the one page.

If you have never played Shake Rattle Drop, you need a ten frame (or this sheet) and ten double sided counters. You also need something to record with.

Shake the counters in your hands, and drop onto the page.

We always place the red counters first and yellow sides sencond.
Write down the Friends of Ten!

Go and fill the recording sheet up! It is great practice and the kids start to notice the number patterns for Friends of Ten quite quickly.

Click on this picture to go and grab this freebie from GoogleDocs.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Best Bloggy Friends Meetup!

I have to admit, for a while I have been jealous of all the bloggy meet ups I see. I have been lucky enough to meet up with Mel (From the Pond) quite a few times, as well as Stef (Miss Galvin Learns) and most recently Emma (Clever Classroom) but I was hoping for something more.

Boy did I get it!

I had a fabulous weekend in Sydney (my home town) meeting up with some of the most incredible women. They have been my support - not just for blogging and TPT, but personal stuff too! for 2 years and we finally came together to celebrate this friendship!!!!

We spent the night in a hotel very close to Darling Harbour and kicked it off with some drinks and a game - thanks Tania! Many laughs were had :)

No blogger meet up would be complete without our blog buttons on a lanyard, would it? Many thanks to Holly at GoNoodle who sent me these goodies all the way to Australia.

And awesome Mel at From the Pond and Graphics from the Pond gave us all a block of chocolate with a cute scrappy girl on it - we thought it looked a little like Shanyn from Classroom Chit Chat.

Then it was time for fireworks on the harbour (totally arranged *cough cough*) and a delicious dinner. There may have been a cocktail involved!

What a night! I am in total awe of these women who went out of their way to come to Sydney and meet up! 

Thanks so much. You all mean a lot to me :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Using Phonemic Awareness to Construct New Words

Something that can be quite tricky to introduce to students (especially in Kindergarten) is switching phonemes within words. It is often something they need a bit of practice and support with. I thought this new pack would help fit the bill.

I have made this pack with 2 activity cards to a page but if you are printing (and laminating) conscious, they are still a pretty good size when you choose to print multiple pages on one page. I have also included both colour and black and white so you can pick which one you would like to print!!

Let's look at the activity :)

The card tells you to start with a given word. The students are given a picture clue to get them started as well as Elkonian boxes to write in (and these will also give them support with which 'size' letter should go in each box - tall, short or long)

Move to the second picture. It tell me to change a sound in the word - this time the beginning sound. I have done it with red here to illustrate what has changed. You might want your students to do this too or just do it all in one colour. Again, students are supported with pictures and Elkonian boxes. 

Now onto the third picture. This time it is telling me to change the ending sound. Throughout the activity cards, there is a mixture of changes to beginning, middle and ending sounds to keep it challenging and interesting.

Click any picture to go and grab it in my TPT store.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Comprehension Sticks for Little Learners

Hi All
I have been a little quiet of late. If you follow me on Instagram (brookeb80) you would know I havent been in the classroom!
Photo: Family dolphin swim!!!

I have been on holidays with my family....the highlight of which was a family dolphin adventure!!! More about that another time :)

I just wanted to share with you something that I cannot wait to use next term

This pack includes 28 different comprehension questions that you can ask students during guided reading time. I have them available for you in colour and black and white, so you can pick which one you would prefer to print.

You could use them during a whole group reading of a text or during a guided reading group.

Here is some of them printed out for you to have a look at. You could pre-select the questions you want students to answer or just take a lucky dip!
I recommend you laminate them, and then stick them to a paddle pop stick to make them more sturdy (and less chance of little fingers bending them).

Go and find them in my TPT store by clicking HERE or any of the images above :)