Thursday, July 17, 2014

Colour Code your Cards! July Bright Idea

 How fabulous is the

Always lot of ideas for you to use in your classroom with things FROM your classroom!

This month I am going to talk about a pet peeve of mine - sets getting mixed up. You have multiple sets of number cards, sight words or playing cards so that lots of kids can work with them at once. You spend time sorting them, warning kids not to sit to close together, to look after 'their' set.

And then

Three sets are returned missing all the red cards and the other set has no 2's.

I hear you nodding.

Why not colour code your cards?

I recently bought some new jumbo playing cards (show below)
And some colourful dots.
I put one colour sticker on the back of each set of cards and then a matching spot on the front (if you have more sets than colours, just use multiple dots!) Hopefully this means that students can find their missing cards more easily and quickly

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Two for Tuesday and Meet me Monday!

I know I am a little behind, but I am going to participate in The Teaching Tribune Summer linkies :)

First my Dice and Card Games is 50% off - only $3.75! You could use these games from K-2.

and second is Alphabands which at 50% off is only $2! (and this one is on my list for a revision, so if you buy it now, you get the revisions for free!)

Click on the pictures to go to the product!

And to catch up......

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Currently July!!! and New FB Fan Freebie

Can you believe it is July? How fast is this year going?
I love linking up with 

Listening - My kids are really enjoying not having to rush to get ready for school in the morning. They go to before and after school care every day so we are normally out the door at 7.15 each morning. But today (its 8.16am now) they are in PJs dancing to One Direction! Love me some holidays!

Loving - My creative juices are going at the moment! I posted a new FB fan freebie this week which if you havent grabbed click HERE to go to my page and get it!. I am also working on a HUGE new pack...its going to be a long time in the making I think :)

Thinking - This term for the first time, we are going to be looking at DINOSAURS! I am so excited and I have so many to get them all on paper? Our new syllabus for English has a huge emphasis on multi-modal texts so I am making a list of TV shows and movies to incorporate into the study. So far I am thinking TV - Dino Dan, Dinosaur Train and Movies - Land Before Time, Walking with Dinosaurs. Have you got some other awesome suggestions?

Wanting - It is the middle of winter, although sometimes its hard to remember. Yesterday we went to the park to play and I ended up in a singlet top I was that warm! You do feel it at night and in morning though. Bring on SPRING!

Needing - This year is my first year back at work full time since before having my kids and I am struggling a bit with keeping the house in order. Its all I can do to cook the dinner, run the dishwasher and wash the clothes. Any tips for keeping me more organised?

4th Plans - In Australia, we don't acknowledge the 4th BUT my kids are both going out with friends on Friday so I am planning on catching up on trashy TV :)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Friends of Ten Bracelets - Bright Ideas!

If you haven't seen the Bright Ideas link up before, you have been missing out! Ideas from 100+ bloggers for you to implement in your classroom and all the ideas are FREE! No products to buy! How great is that?

This month my Bright Idea is Friends of Ten bracelets. We have been talking about which numbers make ten in class and although we have been working a lot with ten frames, I thought we needed to see it a little differently.

You will need some pipe cleaners and some beads (here I had a jar of cut up straw which certainly worked fine!)

We sat in a big circle and talked about the Friends of Ten. Then I distributed bowls of straws and asked the kids to thread ten pieces onto their pipe cleaner (fine motor skills and maths unite!)
As we went through the Friends of Ten, we were able to separate the straws into two separate groups. Here you can see the friends of ten are 2 (on the left) and 8.
After we had had some fun moving the straws around, I handed out whietboards and textas and we recorded what we saw.
Of course sometimes we make mistakes, but having the concrete example there was easy to draw that students attention back to the friends of ten they had had a problem with and get them to remake it. Instant assessment!

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Another Free Font Friday!!!

Here is my font for you for this week. It is a little 'rough' but I think it still is a fun alternative font for you to use :) Personal and commercial ok (simple credit would be great!)

Click the picture to go and download it for FREE!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Science Day!

Last week, we had a day which was suggested by our SRC (which is the Student Representative Council). They told the teachers they didnt think we were doing enough science and would like a science day. They compiled a list of experiments they would like to do and shared it with the teachers. Then the teachers chose some and ran the session.

In Kinder, we divided our 2 classes into 8 small groups and ran 4 activities in each room. In the other K room there was bubbles with varying sizes and shapes of wands, sinking and floating, oil and water and making paper planes. I would love to share pics of those but I dont have any without kids front and centre.

In my room I had the following activities - magnets, building with cups, water beads and making a reaction with baking soda and vinegar.

1. Magnets - Here I used my magnetic wands and magnetic counters. The kids were experimenting with putting the counters in patterns and trying to pick them up in one whole sweep. They really enjoyed it!

 2. Building with plastic cups - This activity is not unfamiliar to our classes and is an activity that they ask for often in developmental play time. The difference today was they were trying to 'outbuild' each other by making the tallest tower.
3. Making reactions - This was my station. The kids had to add a small scoop of bicarb soda to their plate and then gently drip the vinegar (mixed with food colouring) onto the little pile. The result is a fizzing pile which the kids really enjoyed. We then experimented with putting the piles quite close together and seeing if the colours mixed. Definitely a lot of fun and the materials for this were SUPER cheap, if you are thinking about doing it in your own classroom.

 4. Water Beads - This was the last station in my room and did they have a great time with these balls. We added the water the day before and they enlarge while soaking. They feel pretty cool! The kids were given a spoon and tweezers and they were trying to move them around to different bowls. They even had a game of bouncing the balls on the table and trying to get them into the bowl. Needless to say, there was a HUGE mess under the table at the end.

Do you ever have Science Day at your school?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Do you GoNoodle?

Does your class need breaks between lessons? Sometimes they need to get moving to 'wake up' and sometimes they need they calming down time. GoNoodle might just be the answer!

What is GoNoodle?
It is a FREE brain break website which is used by teachers all around the world! The brain breaks range from dances (KooKooKangaRoo are awesome!) YouTube videos, athletics and even a calming series called Flow, you will find something to suit your class.

Why GoNoodle?
It is super easy to use. Just pick a champ, pick a brain break and watch your minutes accumulate. Your kids will stay focused (or even regain focus) AND have fun! Another great thing is that you can access great kid-approved brain breaks in one place so it is no-prep and ready to go!

We particularly LOVE Ninja Training and Dinosaur Stomp where the kids get to get up and dance, by following the simple and easy to remember moves.

Does GoNoodle interfere with learning time?
Not at all! We use GoNoodle as a lesson break or transition into a new activity. It help us settle down or get our bodies moving again after a long session on the floor. Most of the brain breaks are 5 minutes or less and are perfect to slot into those little spaces of time.

Here is our current champ!

How does Go Noodle benefit my class?
I have found that the best part of GoNoodle is the participation from all kids. As well as keeping them engaged and active, it can help kids achieve recommended daily activity levels without them even realising it! Incidental exercise like this certainly adds up.

What kind of brain breaks can I pick from?
The totally FREE brain breaks range from calming breathing exercises (like Flow which we LOVE) to yoga-like stretching with Maximo, fun and easy dances with KooKooKangaRoo (make one of your first brain breaks Ninja Training and your boys will be hooked!) and athletics training like sprint, hurdles, javelin and long jump! With many ways to keep kids engaged, you will be able to find brain breaks that your kids love and mark them as a favourite to come back to again and again!

Why not try it? Remember it is FREE! Click on the picture below or HERE to go and sign up your own class.