Saturday, July 25, 2015

Writing Folder - A helpful tool for building independence

Hi All!

I have been working on this one for soooo long. It's one of those ones that has sat and marinated, if you get my meaning. When I look up the details of the file, it tells me it was created in September 2014. Hmmmmm....

Introducing Writers Folder - A Student Writing Companion

I'll give you a peek at one I put together!

Print out all the pieces. To make it fit in one manila folder, I printed the inside pages 2 to a page.

Choose the cover you would like to use! I have included vertical and horizontal, color and B&W and girl and boy options which should cover you completely!!

Glue the chosen cover onto the front of your manila folder.

Glue the pages you would like inside. I have chosen to go in order that they are in the pack

Done! A easy-to-use student tool to help during writing time. You could make one for each student to store in their desk or tray, or make a few to place on tables or around the room.

Click any picture to find it on TPT.

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  1. Hi Brooke
    A nifty creation that I'm certain would assist any young writer. Thanks for sharing step by step instructions.
    Julie :)
    Mrs Stowes Kinder Cottage