Monday, September 22, 2014

Using Phonemic Awareness to Construct New Words

Something that can be quite tricky to introduce to students (especially in Kindergarten) is switching phonemes within words. It is often something they need a bit of practice and support with. I thought this new pack would help fit the bill.

I have made this pack with 2 activity cards to a page but if you are printing (and laminating) conscious, they are still a pretty good size when you choose to print multiple pages on one page. I have also included both colour and black and white so you can pick which one you would like to print!!

Let's look at the activity :)

The card tells you to start with a given word. The students are given a picture clue to get them started as well as Elkonian boxes to write in (and these will also give them support with which 'size' letter should go in each box - tall, short or long)

Move to the second picture. It tell me to change a sound in the word - this time the beginning sound. I have done it with red here to illustrate what has changed. You might want your students to do this too or just do it all in one colour. Again, students are supported with pictures and Elkonian boxes. 

Now onto the third picture. This time it is telling me to change the ending sound. Throughout the activity cards, there is a mixture of changes to beginning, middle and ending sounds to keep it challenging and interesting.

Click any picture to go and grab it in my TPT store.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Comprehension Sticks for Little Learners

Hi All
I have been a little quiet of late. If you follow me on Instagram (brookeb80) you would know I havent been in the classroom!
Photo: Family dolphin swim!!!

I have been on holidays with my family....the highlight of which was a family dolphin adventure!!! More about that another time :)

I just wanted to share with you something that I cannot wait to use next term

This pack includes 28 different comprehension questions that you can ask students during guided reading time. I have them available for you in colour and black and white, so you can pick which one you would prefer to print.

You could use them during a whole group reading of a text or during a guided reading group.

Here is some of them printed out for you to have a look at. You could pre-select the questions you want students to answer or just take a lucky dip!
I recommend you laminate them, and then stick them to a paddle pop stick to make them more sturdy (and less chance of little fingers bending them).

Go and find them in my TPT store by clicking HERE or any of the images above :)

Monday, September 1, 2014


OMgeeee its September! Time to link up with Farley

Listening - my kids are finishing their icecream for desert ;)

Loving - It's spring baby YEAH!!

Thinking - I am lucky enough to be taking the last 2 weeks of term off and going on a holiday with my family! I have never taken any long service leave before and I am sooooo excited!

Wanting - my poor pooch is a bit undesirable in the smell department. My first job for my first day off - puppy parlour for a wash :)

Needing - I am on the verge of getting sick and need to take something else to make my dull headache go away :(

3 Trips - 1. Vegas - not just to go to the TPT or ITeachK conference but I LOVE Texas Holden Poker and would love to play at a Vegas casino!
2. NYC - because I think you have to before you die?
3. Vegas - I can have it twice right?