Monday, September 1, 2014


OMgeeee its September! Time to link up with Farley

Listening - my kids are finishing their icecream for desert ;)

Loving - It's spring baby YEAH!!

Thinking - I am lucky enough to be taking the last 2 weeks of term off and going on a holiday with my family! I have never taken any long service leave before and I am sooooo excited!

Wanting - my poor pooch is a bit undesirable in the smell department. My first job for my first day off - puppy parlour for a wash :)

Needing - I am on the verge of getting sick and need to take something else to make my dull headache go away :(

3 Trips - 1. Vegas - not just to go to the TPT or ITeachK conference but I LOVE Texas Holden Poker and would love to play at a Vegas casino!
2. NYC - because I think you have to before you die?
3. Vegas - I can have it twice right?


  1. :( hope you are feeling better for your holiday Brooke! Your kids sound like cuties!
    Books, Bugs and Boxes

  2. How awesome to take some time off with your family! Saving my pennies for Vegas too!!!!

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  3. I hope you enjoy your holiday! I hear ya on the smelly dogs - it has been rainy here so they are a smidgen stinky - they don't like taking showers though!
    Thanks for sharing - Michelle
    p.s. I wish it were the first day of spring for me here - not that I don't like fall - but I really don't like what follows...winter *BLEH*

  4. Vegas is perfect for you with your love of poker! I hope your headache goes away soon! Love that your children are fighting over the last bit of dessert! Enjoy this week and have a great 4 weeks off!


  5. Awe, rain! It is so hot here, I am looking forward to Fall (well as Fall-ish you can get here in California). Enjoy your Holiday!