Friday, August 30, 2013

Five for Friday

Happy weekend!

Its time for

I'm going to go by days this week

It was time to get my craft on. Our school concert is on this Wednesday and stress is at an all time high! I had to turn this template and some yellow felt into 13 sets of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles muscles to glue onto green tshirts.

I had a new prac student start...I also had a team teaching lesson with Literacy/Numeracy consultant in my area. Talk about head spinning

We looked at grouping and sharing in KB this week. I made these cute Playdoh sharing mats with graphics from Mel Graphics from the Pond. We also did grouping with counters into bowls, where the students picked a card (eg 2 groups of 2) and the bowls represented the groups. Kids really liked the activities.

We tried our concert items with some costumes on. What do you think of my tshirts? I love them and the boys did too!

I've been overhauling my current best seller - Rounding Games to Ten and Twenty. It's had a "font lift" and I have taken out some of the graphics to make it a little less 'cute'. Click any pic to find it in my TPT store.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Five for Friday!

Wow! Two posts this week :) Got to be a current record for me. Things are jut mega hectic at the moment - we have a whole school concert in just over one week and I have been trying to get my kinders ready. This weekend I am going to get my craft on and make 14 Ninja Turtle tshirts for my boys! Wish me luck.


1. This is me with my fun new haircut! I wanted the full ombre hair look but got talked out of it. I just have colour from halfway down my hair, on about half my hair. I like it and it is subtle but I think I would like a bit more next time!
2. Celebrate! I have been going to Weight Watchers and yesterday passed my 10% goal! To date I have lost 13.4kg (that is close to 30pounds) in 10 weeks. Needless to say I am feeling pretty great

3. No addicted to clipart/fonts much? My daughter had some pieces of paper stuck on her reading and homework folder. I finally submitted and made her cute ones, laminated them and attached them with cute washi tape (see 4). I was pretty pleased with them! And she came home that night to tell me her friends wanted some too

 4. Washi washi washi! If you live in Australia, go to Ronis! They have a huge stash of washi tape. And the best part 2 for $4!
and finally 5. A sneeky peek at my next creation in the works for TPT. I am really excited about this one (how cute are the graphics - Graphics from the Pond). Can't wait to share when it is done.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Facebook Fan Freebie!

Are you a Facebook follower? You will love my new Fan Freebie.

Click the pic to go to my Facebook page. Make sure you like the page and then the download is yours! Easy! This will only be available until the end of August so don't miss out.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Winners! and it's sale time!!!

Firstly, thanks so everyone who entered the

Jump over to Mrs Poultney's Ponderings to see if you were one of our grand prize winners.

The winner of my $20 store credit is

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats Stephanie! And thanks again for being such great supporters of my blog and store :)

Now onto that s-word.

No!! Not that one!

Everything will be 20% off in my store - don't forget to add the code BTS13 at the checkout to get a further discount!!!

Here are some of my most wishlisted items at the moment

Go and grab some bargains! The sale is on 18-19th August.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Five for Friday!

It is 7.30am Saturday here in Sydney - perfect time to link up for Five for Friday ;)


1. My poor pup has had to wear the cone of shame this week. She has some skin allergies and wont stop biting herself! She is missing bits of fur all over her butt

2. This week, classroom wise, we were focusing on addition/subtraction skills. In this game, the kids had to choose a domino, add the sides together and then 'park' it in the correct spot for the answer. You can grab this freebie from HERE.

 3. Together with a few of my Aussie friends, we are having a BTS blog hop. At each stop you can win credit from that persona TPT store PLUS pick up a free file. All of our free files can be pieced together to make a very fun Welcome bulletin board for BTS. At our last stop, you can win a $50 TPT voucher or a $50 Amazon voucher. But it ends today! Click HERE to go to the first stop!
4. My boy! Using Mel @From the Pond new puzzle pastes activity, he did this all by himself. He even did his name (I know its a bit hard to see but it is the best attempt I have seen him so EVER!!). These puzzles pastes are great. Click HERE to go and see them.

5. More addition action in KB this week. This was a sorting game where they had to match the number sentence to the answer. The number sentences were a freebie from Greg @Kindergarten Smorgasboard. I made the title shop and donut answers with clipart from Beth@Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School is better with FRIENDS - Blog Hop

When I first started on this journey, I thought I would be able to find some new ideas, make some cute resources and basically develop some new, easier ways of teaching in the classroom.

Never did I imagine what else would come out of it!

I have made some wonderful friends! People I chat with nearly every day, even though we live in different parts of the country. One I have even met and the others I hope to meet very soon!

So when the idea of a blog hop came up - the theme BTS is better with Friends just summed it up so well for us.

What do you need to do? 
Visit all the blogs on the hop (there are only 7!)

What do you get?
At each stop there will be a Rafflecopter for you to enter and win a value of between $10-$20 to spend at that persons store.

Is that it?
Well no!

Then what else?
The bonus of visiting each blog is that you will be able to collect a free file. Once you have collected all the files, you will be able to piece them together and create an awesome BTS Welcome Poster/Wall Display for you and your kiddies to colour!

Click here to see how to assemble and what it will look like! (Thanks so much to our girl Mel at Graphics from the Pond)

Anything else?
You are a bit demanding aren't you? Well there is one more thing.

At the final stop of the hop, there will be a special rafflecopter to enter. We will have 2 winners - one will win a  $50 TPT voucher and one will win a $50 Amazon voucher to help get their school year off to an awesome start!

So what are you waiting for? Enter my Rafflecopter below. Make sure you click the picture to grab your free file and hop on to the next blog to collect the rest!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And enjoy BTS with your Friends, just like we are :)

PS. If you get lost along the way, the people you need to visit are......

Frog Spot Blog From the Pond
Clever Classroom
Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Domino Parking Lot Freebie

Just a quick one as I get myself prepared for school tomorrow. I have had this week planned for a while, but the weekend is where I prep any small things I need to make the week work.

I am sure you have seen this idea on the internet somewhere...such as this one here on Pinterest.

This will be one of our activities this week, for both addition and subtraction.

If you have never played it you need:
*dominoes (small size is probably better)
*parking lot sheet

Students can work together or in pairs to 'park' their dominoes in the correct spot.

Use for addition - students add the two sides of the domino together and park in the total.
Use for subtraction - Students subtract the smaller side from the larger side and park in the remainder.

Warning : the car theme may cause some 'brooming' noises.

I have included two versions - with a domino representation and without.
Click the pic to go and download your freebie. It also has a second sheet with numbers 13-24 (thanks to a request).

Picture of Free Teacher Downloads at Teaching Blog Addict