Friday, July 3, 2015

Five For Friday - July 3

Hi. Its me again. I know its been a while and I am sorry. But there has been a lot going on in my life (moved in with in-laws, building house, changing jobs) know. The usual.
But I wanted to blog!!!


1. It is winter break here in Australia! This means lots of lazy mornings

2. I bought some of these gorgeous book boxes from Elizabeth Richards which I have been drooling over. I found it very hard to pick which colour, so I picked all but one (and this is not the whole amount I bought)

3. I took the kids for a swim at Sydney Olympic Park this week - cold outside but warm in the water - they had a fabulous time!

4. In the previous pic was my first-ever-pair of Converse! My kids both have fun Cons boots too. My Instagram comment was "The family who wears Cons together, stays together".

5. On Thursday I spent some time with my girl Mel (From the Pond). She was lovely enough to have me and my kids spend the WHOLE day at her place, including lunch and the beach and dinner. It was such a lovely day and our kids got on like a house on fire. Thanks so much sweet friend.


  1. I think I'm drooling over your book boxes too! It looks like you and your family are having a great winter break. Enjoy those lazy mornings, because you know they end too soon!

  2. What a great indoor pool! That looks like fun. Enjoy your lazy mornings and I hope things calm down for you. I've done the moving in with in-laws while building a house and changing jobs things too and it's hectic. Good luck with everything.

  3. I love the book boxes! Such awesome colors!! Just curious - which color didn't you get?

  4. The book boxes are great. A day with Mel - wow
    Paula’s Place

  5. Brooke,
    I love the shoes!!! And also, a day with Mel...fabulous!
    Right Down the Middle

  6. That pool is amazing! Isn't it great to have friends you can spend hours with? I have a few friends like that, and our kids love to play together. It's such a blessing. Happy winter vacation! I'm happy to be on summer vacation here in the U.S. Our winter was HORRIBLE last year! Enjoy the extra sleep!
    Laughter and Consistency