Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Teacher Tip Thursday

Hey all

Just a quick one today as I am feeling a bit tired! I don't know if you have ever taught the grade your children are in but teaching Kinder and having my daughter in Kinder too is a bit rough at the moment. We have started homework this week as well as sight words and home reading......The best bit is that she is super keen to do it all...but the worst bit is that she wants to do it all at once and then be done with it (not her mothers daughter much hehehe). I have been trying to explain that we need to practice so we can learn...but you know 5 year olds!


Do you hate how you store your dice? Does it make it a chore for you to distribute dice to groups or for the kids to find what they are looking for? You might be interested in one of these...

It is a plastic bead box. I bought mine from Woollies for about $4. You can then use it to turn your dice into this.....

Love Dice...Love Organization....this is perfect for organizing all of those dice we teachers love to collect.  This is an awesome idea!       Thanks, Little Miss Kindergarten!  She even offers a freebie to go along.
This is not mine - for the life of me I cannot find the images I took, but you get the idea. (Click the picture to go to the original pin). I store all my small dice - numbers, dot dice, ten sided, 12 sided, decimal, hundreds, 8 sided. It make it neat and accessible for everyone and then it has a spot to be returned to as well.

Why not go and a grab a box and transform your dice storage?

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