Friday, January 31, 2014

Five For Friday!

I havent linked up for such a long time but being back in the classroom makes me excited and I want to share with you what I got up to this week. 
On Tuesday we returned to work after a 5 week break....bleh!
In my state (NSW) all Kindergarten students are to be assessed using the Best Start Assessment within the first 5 weeks of school. We choose to do it in the first few days so we can sit one on one and then students start the week after. So I think after a total of 20 assessments...I was pretty over the story "The Long Walk" (I can hear other NSW teachers nodding)

My little girl went back to school too - into Year 1! I cant believe Kinder is behind her. My son starts Kinder on Monday so expect another pic next week. After her second day, she told me Year 1 was very hard. Love that kid.
I know you have seen these on pinterest and maybe even made your own. This is my first attempt at the 1st day of school frame (sorry about the glare in this pic)
First week we look at 'a' so this is my test run of our craft for 'a'. Another Pinterest inspired creation with a Brooke twist :) Click the pic to grab the 'a' and the leaves (thanks to Mel @Graphics from the Pond for the leaf clip art)

How was your week??

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  1. Brooke, I feel you on the entry assessment - when I finish on the 12th Feb I'll have administered the same assessment 67 times. I can quote every line of the English and Numeracy assessments! (Sometimes it invades my dreams!)

    Also LOVE the a craft! Totally stealing and holding on to for when we start letters and sounds in Week 3! Also love your frame! Looks great!

    Miss Galvin Learns