Saturday, April 5, 2014

A peek at the week

I had a bit of a rocky week which started with me having 2 days off with tonsillitis. I probably should have had another day to recover, but teacher guilt got me! Here are some of the things we squeezed into 3 days!

It was 'p' week! We started off brainstorming p words - the kids came up with so many, I ran out of room!

We learned how to correctly write p. This is a handwriting booklet we use every week with our focus letter. You can find it in my TPT store, but in a more generic font (the font pictured is my state font). Click HERE to see it

We looked for p words in this fun activity Beginning Sounds Color It from Lavinia Pop

We had an indepth look at number 8 (another one from my TPT store) Click HERE to see it

P sequencing - each week we read a 'big book' with the same word pattern and different words subsistuted on each page. This week was "I can see the ......" I chose pig because I thought it was a great word for sounding out. Look at the super cute pictures! I am so proud of this writing - after only 9 weeks at school :)

We tried some sight word writing as a group with my pocket dice.

On Friday, we went to the circus on an excursion in the morning which was so much fun for the kids :) Afterwards back at school, we tackled our letter of the week craft - Pink and Purple popcorn. The cute popcorn box is from Krista Wallden's popcorn set. We coloured in in a pattern with pink and purple crayon, then put our fingers to work with some scrunching of crepe paper. The kids found this really therapeutic! 

How was your week?


  1. Hi Brooke, how do you go only doing one letter a week? Does it affect the students' writing/spelling? At my school we do two letters a week, but do lots of revising of the letters.

    1. Hi Jem, we introduce up to 3 letters per week and the sounds they make. We look in depth at only one, and do things like formation, wordbank brainstorming, talk about initial sounds, and read our big book.