Friday, May 30, 2014

Five for Friday - May 31

Its Five for Friday!!! Thanks Kacey at DoodleBugs

 1. I got my very own guided reading table on Monday and immediately built it, ready for groups on Tuesday. The kids are loving it! And so am I. So easy to monitor each kid and I think it is helping with the focus. It is from IKEA and has adjustable legs so we can always make it a standing table too. The model is HISSON cashew shaped table.
 2. This week we were working on counting forwards and backwards - specifically the language of before and after which a lot of my kids are struggling with. they had to roll a dice, write that number, then write the numbers that came after (for 2 days) or before (2 more days).
 3. This is a great idea I saw last year sometime on Deanna Jumps blog and I have been anxiously waiting for my kids to be at that point! Blending CVC words with magnetic counters and magnetic wands! These fantastic CVC cards are From the Pond and they are fantastic!Click HERE to find them. So many differentiated sets to choose. I am going to do a little video of using this activity over the weekend and post to the blog. 
4. Our letter of the week was E! This cute craft was so much fun and let the students show their creativity! It is Elmer the Elephant. I found the free outline HERE
5. Yesterday was my birthday. My friends at work always spoil each other. This was what I saw after work on Friday when I thought we were just going to have some drinks - my very own 1 Direction party. (And no, Im not some super obsessed fan....its like our running joke!) But it was awesome and we ended up drinking Moet champagne from 1D paper cups. A great end to my birthday :)


  1. What sort of activities will you do at your guided reading table? At the moment I really just use mine for basic guided reading, but I can see you have a board set up behind yours! Looks awesome!

    Luck's Little Learners

    1. Ive been doing roll and read sight words from the book, cvc work. The board behind is our current sight words which kids can go and refer to during writing time