Monday, August 4, 2014

Secret Sight Words

Over the weekend I added a new sight word activity to my store. Let me give you a quick peek at

You will need the cards, magnetic letters and a white board (although if you laminated the cards, you could use a whiteboard texta!)
Choose a card. Each letter in the secret word is represented with a picture. Work out the initial letter for each word and find the right letter to place underneath.
 Build It!!! The secret word is be!
There is also a recording sheet for students to write their secret sight words on.

Keep making words. The cards are grouped into 12 words per coloured card, so you could just choose one colour per group or give each student a colour of their own.

It is a lot of fun and puts a new spin on sight word reading, while combining other literacy skills such as identifying initial letters/sounds, recognise and identify letters and reading sight words. Lots of fun and practice all in one activity :)

Click any picture to find it in my store

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