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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Welcome Liz from The Happy Teacher

Hey everyone!  I'm Brooke's guest blogger this week, and I'm so excited to write and share my ideas on Brooke's AWESOME blog!  My name is Liz a.k.a. TheHappyTeacher, and today I'm going to share my ideas on classroom management and reward systems.

Classroom management revolves around routines, procedures, rules, rewards, and consequences.  The most FUN part of classroom management to discuss is the REWARDS!  Now, as a first grade teacher, I think I've tried EVERY kind of reward system out there, including token economy, sticker charts, treasure box, point systems, etc.!  I've tried individual rewards and small group incentives, but the most effective reward system I've tried is a whole group reward system!

Here's the scoop on the BEST and EASIEST classroom reward system out there! :)  
First, you will need a large poster, such as a smiley face.  Cut it into fourths.
Add a small magnet to the back of each piece. 

The reason this reward system works so well is because students are working TOGETHER to earn pieces of the smiley face!  At the beginning of the day, the students have not earned any pieces of the smiley face.  However, the class can earn pieces of the smiley face by following directions, cooperating, and working hard!  Every time the class earns a piece, a child puts it up on the board in a visible spot.  This reward system helps build a sense of community, and students really take ownership for their behavior because it affects the entire class!  Throughout the day, the class works to earn all four pieces of the smiley face!
When the class finally earns all four pieces of the smiley face, everyone earns a reward!  Some of my kiddos' favorite rewards are chewing gum, taking their shoes off, extra recess, a dance party, or a quick game of Heads Up-7Up!
For more reward ideas, check out these Reward Coupons!
You can use another poster, but make sure it's symmetrical so it's easy to create equal parts. :)  

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  1. I haven't seen this idea before! I love it!
    Apples and ABC's

  2. Dear Happy Teacher,
    I just received your multiples sheets from a special ed. teacher in my building. Currently I am teaching 5th grade sped. math. We will be hot and heavy into fractions. I shrunk your multiples sheets to 30% in order to get them consolidated on one sheet. I turned out great and will be perfect when we are looking for common factors in order to work with fractions....Thanks for this great tool for my students!!!

  3. This is a great idea. I will use this with my first graders.