Friday, November 16, 2012

Our week in pics

Sorry bloggy friends. This week is one that needed to end. I am getting a bit tired and haven't felt very well but rather than the end of the year being a time where I feel I could take a day off to rest and recover, it feels more jam packed than ever! I am also having a little attack of the guilts for my own class - since being informed that I am teaching Kinder next year, I have been involved in the transition sessions. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, the Kinders of the next year come to the school for a morning a few weeks in a row to check out the school, meet their new friends, have their parents become introduced to the community and staff etc. My daughter (who is also starting Kinder next year at our local school) had 3 sessions from 9-10.45am (once a week). My teaching school has 6 sessions from 9-10.30am (once a week). But this means my poor little 2B class is getting a bit neglected. Along with this, I am going to be attending some professional development to go along with becoming a K teacher and this is 2 Tuesdays in a row, followed by one more Thursday! My god, my class is going to be feral!

But our week this week was packed with some good stuff and some new activities that the kiddies really enjoy. I get a kick out of seeing them using my packs and  enjoying them. So without further ado...what did 2B do this week?

 We played Roll a Sentence in our Reading Groups time - the kids had not played before and by the end, were asking me can we play this every week.! We played 2 versions Every day and Winter. Click the links to go see them in my TPT shop. I also have a Christmas one too.
 Here is some of their Roll a Sentence results. They thought they were super funny :)
 This boy couldn't stop laughing about "The bear ate the scarf".
 In Maths, we were revising some concepts. We practiced our rounding to ten..
 Played Roll and Round...
 Rounding to nearest hundred.... All these from my Rounding Games
 Revising of patterns and skip counting... They actually tell me this is one of their favourite math activities! Find it here - Skip Counting Pack
 Used the MAB to create numbers...
 This one a work in progress - from Place Value Race.
 And enjoying some of our new school Ipads. Even though they had to share, they were so quiet and engaged - go technology!

And one more sentence - something about a hot shark made him giggle.

I hope you have had a great week in the classroom.

I have been super busy creating stuff too - here is a peek.
 Oh Christmas Tree - Addition and Subtraction games
Santa Stuck in the Chimney Craft and Writing.

Leave me a comment and tell me which Christmas item above you would like and why and I will pick someone to win. Don't forget your email!


  1. Talk about being busy! I don't think anyone slows down in Term 4 until we walk out the door on the final Friday - and even then it's hectic right up to the last minute!

    I love the look of your Santa Stuck in a Chimney craft because I rarely find crafts that don't use a truckload of different coloured paper and parts to copy - this looks simple so the kids can do independently (maybe while I'm packing up some things to move classrooms) and I'm sure they find some funny reasons for Santa being stuck!

    Down Under Teacher

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I always think Term 4 is like winding a spring tighter and tighter and then it suddenly releases on the last day.

    We have just finished our Kindergarten orientation. It goes for 4 sessions, 90 minutes each.It's exhausting!!
    My poor little ones get shipped around the school to different classes.

    I will be glad to get back to some normality next week.

    Classroom Fun

  3. I know how you feel with transition! We've had 3 (of 5) transition sessions with 2 more over the next 2 weeks, each for 90 minutes. It's full on. And my Prep/1 class is definitely feeling it!

    Plus, Term 4 is it's usual hectic and chaotic self and I'm ready to sleep in this weekend!

    Also, I LOVE your Santa Stuck in the Chimney activity - it's look fabulous. I think my kids would come up with pretty hilarious reasons for how he got stuck, too!


  4. I LOVE all your stuff! You have some really great ideas! I'm just waiting until I know what class I am teaching next year and then I am going shopping!

    I hope you have a better week this week! It is great your school is getting you so organised for next year already - even some specific PD! Wow!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  5. I would love the Santa Stuck in the Chimney pack - my 6-yr will likely enjoy the craft and come up with various questions on why Santa could have gotten stuck in the chimney!

  6. Ditto about this week - wowzers, I was glad to see the weekend! :) Love all your products - I'd love to win Oh Christmas Tree - Addition and Subtraction Games.

    Cathy VerSteeg

  7. I know how you feel Brooke. I'm also trying to get my head around the New NSW Syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum so I can lead my school in the planning and preparation for them next year. We are so close to another teacher with our numbers that I don't even know what I'm teaching next year, although there will be some component of Year 2 in there. Could be 1/2 or 2/3 and we probable won't know until we come back next year. I have bought your Santa in the chimney pack, so would really like your Oh Christmas Tree - Addition and Subtraction Games. Hope that this week gets easier for you :)

  8. Sorry, my email is

  9. Just got back from the Community Day of Action at Darling Harbour, to stop funding cuts in NSW schools. It was great to see lots of people turn up to support public education.
    I love your ideas and have used some of them on my casual teaching days, (I have only been teaching since the term 3)thanks!!!!

  10. Thanks for commenting everyone! I am happy to send everyone above me what they asked for :)

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