Thursday, December 27, 2012

12 Things I Loved about Christmas

Mel at From the Pond is having a fun linky. Go and join and tell us what you *heart*-ed about Christmas.

1. My family :) Last year my relationship was really struggling and it has taken 12 months of perspective to really appreciate how far we have come :)
My wonderful hubs, son and daughter. This baby is not mine! It my niece born last Jan.

2. My kids and how much they loved the season.

3. My gorgeous pressie from my family.
It is from Koolaman designs - hand stamped silver and I *heart* it.

4. Trampoline Santa - he stood in the rain on Christmas eve putting that darn thing together so our kids could enjoy it on Christmas morn.

5. Food! - I love Christmas ham. I know, it is just ham, but at Christmas it tastes different for some reason :)

6. Presents - I love getting them but I love giving them more! My best present for someone was the pic that my kids and their cousin (aka ME) gave to the grandparents.

7. Warm weather - now in Sydney on Christmas it was POURING rain, but Christmas eve was a stinker and when my hubs got home from work, we had a family swim in the pool.

8. Christmas pudding swimming in custard!!!

9. Christmas shows on TV that I used to watch as a kid. Do you remember watching Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer and Frosty the snowman? I got to enjoy these with my kids this year.

10. Gift cards just begging to be spent!

11. Time with my family

12. No school for 5 weeks!!!!

I hope your time with family was enjoyable wherever you are in the world.


  1. I had trampoline Santa at my house too! And his little helper (my Dad) who has a few battle scars for his efforts!Thanks for linking up Brooke, was lovely to read all your hearts!

  2. Great to meet you via Mel's link up!
    Your family are just gorgeous :) I love that we get such a big break this time of year!
    Miss Rachael Teaches

    1. Thanks Rachael. Enjoy your time off too :)

  3. I remember doing the trampoline thing for my daughter when she was little.
    Everyone comes to my house for Christmas and I am super busy. I am able to relax now it is over and I am really looking forward to the 5 week holiday break.
    I hope you have a relaxing holiday, Brooke.

    Classroom Fun

    1. Thanks Rhonda. Are you having Kinder again next year?

  4. When my son was little, my trampoline Santa had to set up the trampoline in my sisters garage as we were spending Chrismtas Eve at her house. Then he had to unassemble it again so we could take it home! :)

    I love the pressie from your family Brooke! It is very special!

    Enjoy the rest of your holidays, Brooke!

    Fun Games 4 Learning

    1. Oh that poor trampoline Santa. The things we do for our kiddies lol