Tuesday, December 4, 2012

HELP! Santa is stuck! and a giveaway!

Ho ho ho. This week in 2B is Christmas week! But wait, I hear you cry. It is only the 1st week of December - there is so  much time left to do this! Are you crazy?

Yes I am crazy.

But this is our last real week together in class because next week has Picnic Day, Presentation Day, Christmas Concert, Gold Reward day...the list goes on!

The last week of school is only 3 days with the kids and that week has Talent Quest as well! I think you see where I am heading!

So Christmas week kicked off with some writing letters to the big man AKA Santa. We were talking about the things we might like to get. I wish I had taken some pics of the writing - one boy wrote that he needed clothes because all he could find when he opened his drawers were pyjamas! It was pretty funny teeheehee. We will publish this later in the week.

Then we did Christmas literacy based groups. I had 4 activities - Cookie Editing, Alphabetical Hot Chocolate, Design a Cookie and Find-a-Cookie. These are all in my Christmas Cookies Literacy Pack. Keep reading for your chance to win one! The kids were enjoying themselves!

Then we did Maths groups - not Christmas based though. But I had more activities than normal and had mixed ability groups PLUS an Ipad station - the kids where in heaven.

But the craft was what won hearts today. We did our Santa is stuck craft (see pics below). Although we used crayons to colour because in the WHOLE school there was no red paper to copy onto. Wow!

Carefully cutting out the pieces!

Oops this little guy is pigeon toed
The finished product - with our crayon colouring in

So did you want to win either my Santa is Stuck or Christmas Cookie Pack? Comment below and tell me a fun activity you are going to do with your class in the lead up to Christmas. I will pick 2 random numbers on THURSDAY afternoon (my time! which is about midnight-ish or so on Wednesday for the US). Don't forget your email address if you want to win!!


  1. We will be making some Reindeer craftivities and of course singing Rudolph!


  2. We must have been on the same wave length. We did your Santa is stuck piece today too. My kids wrote their stories yesterday, published them today and put their santa together today. They LOVED it. It inspired some fabulous writing. Tomorrow we are starting their elf glyphs. We put up the Christmas tree today. They were in heaven. We were having a great day today :)

    Thanks for the fabulous pack.


  3. We will be doing either pom-pom Christmas ornaments or craft stick Santa!


  4. I completely caved and did your Santa is stuck activity last Friday afternoon (it had been a LOOONG week!). I need to take some photos to show you because my Prep/1s did a fabulous job.

    Your kids did a great job!

    Likewise, this week is Christmas week and so far we've turned ourselves into Reindeer and Elves (Preps and 1s respectively). Tomorrow we're going to complete the Map of Directions for Santa (from the North Pole to our houses) which is one of my all time FAVOURITE activities to do. It's great to see the different world locations my kids think of for Santa to stop off at before he reaches their house!


  5. That's a super cute little craft! I have some holiday crafts posted on my page today too :)

    The Lower Elementary Cottage

  6. Hi, This will fit perfectly with our writing we did today - If Santa was stuck I would........ Tomorrow we are going to do job applications to work as Santa's assistant and then make some lanterns to hand on our christmas trees. We are also going to do some scrapbooking of a christmas tree which will be put on a 2013 calendar to give to our parents as presents. Lots and lots of exciting things but running out of time!!!!!


  7. Oh the Santa's Stuck craft is adorable! Thanks!


  8. My daughter chose number 1 for Cookies and number 6 for Santa! So after work today I will be emailing you Rachel and Tarryn!