Thursday, July 18, 2013

Washi Clipboard tutorial


Sickness be gone!

I was sick and then my son was sick too. I need to go and spray some Glen 20 around the house and banish the germs!

But I'm here...and I have what you want!

A washi-tape clipboard tutorial.

Some asked for a video but I honestly couldnt face my own snotty voice being recorded.

So its just pics for now :)
 Assemble your supplies - I used a small clipboard (A5 size, but you could easily do this with a larger one - just make sure your roll of tape is long enough to cover it all!), the washi you are using and a sharp knife,

 I found it easier to start at the top, right under the metal clip as it gave me a straight (enough) line to work from.

 You need to take this slowly, especially if you are matching up a pattern like with this tape. You will need to slightly layer the tape on top of each other to preserve the pattern.

 As I worked down the board, I was slicing off the excess tape at the finishing end so it was flush with the board. I actually left the beginning end alone until the end because I felt it helped me with the pattern.
There you go! Flapping in the breeze.

Once I  had covered the board I went back to the top and covered the small spaces on either side of the metal clip, still maintaining the pattern and following the exact steps from above.
When my board was finished, I flipped it over and cut the excess of my starting side.
This is a board I ripped tape off - you can see it was quite easy and not a lot was left behind in the way of residue. I thought I could use it to cover another board, but this time in a vertical fashion to see if it was any easier or faster.
I have to say it was a bit faster, difficulty still about the same, but I think I preferred it the other way. Of course, if your pattern runs this way, it is still quite effective and cute! 

And there you have it - washi-tastic!

So what do you think? 


  1. Thanks for the pics! I think this will be a great project!

  2. LOVE the clipboards! You found some super cute tape.
    My Second Sense

  3. Really cute! Thanks for the great tip. Where is your favorite place to get your washi tape?
    Beth from

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  5. They are so cute Brooke! Do the edges make it ribbed when someone puts a piece of paper over the board? Or does it sit pretty flush?