Friday, July 19, 2013

Word Family Sliders

You might have seen the little seek peek on my Facebook page. But it finished and I can't wait to laminate it for groups for next week!
Graphics from Graphics from the Pond (of course!)

So what is it?

It is a fun, interactive way for kids to play with making words by using the same word ending (word family).
I'll let the pics explain.

Here it is in action!
You get four word families per page and the matching strips on the next page. You also get a fun flip book to get students to record their words in. This is blank and the students write the word families on the front and words under the flap.

Here is Miss M testing it out!
She started out with -at...her handwriting is getting better :) She loves Kindergarten

You get two 'inside' templates, one with lines and one without, for your students to record on. It also then becomes something for them to read to themselves or at home with their families.

Would you like one of these? Comment on how this will help your kids and leave your email. I will pick one random number in 24hours. Click on any of the pics to go and grab it from my TPT store.


  1. This will be great for my four-year old who is starting on word families. Looks like a fun educational resource!

  2. My preppies have just started on blends and common words {these would also be great for my grade 1s}. I add these to my word work centres to work on onset & rime, initial sounds and common blends. Adding these to the wish list! They look great Brooke

    1. Random number generator picked 2! It will be coming your way Bec

  3. We are right in the middle of some serious word family work! These would be great to add to group work, along with your Word Family Racers that my Preppies love. :)

    Thanks for another great resource.

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  4. Hi Brooke,

    This is an awesome word building activity packet. These word building activities are very important for my K-1 students as they learn that letters can be put together to make words.

    This packet is an efficient way to help my emergent readers with their reading, as it will help them to recognize word patterns and this makes sounding out words much easier for them.

    Having such a packet will go a long way to improving my emergent readers reading skills.

    Thanking you in advance and anxiously awaiting your response.

    Take care and be blessed.

    Yours in Reading Skills Development

  5. Congrats Bec!!!!
    Take care and cheers.


  6. This will really help my struggling Kindergartners!!

  7. This will really help my kiddos!!