Thursday, July 17, 2014

Colour Code your Cards! July Bright Idea

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This month I am going to talk about a pet peeve of mine - sets getting mixed up. You have multiple sets of number cards, sight words or playing cards so that lots of kids can work with them at once. You spend time sorting them, warning kids not to sit to close together, to look after 'their' set.

And then

Three sets are returned missing all the red cards and the other set has no 2's.

I hear you nodding.

Why not colour code your cards?

I recently bought some new jumbo playing cards (show below)
And some colourful dots.
I put one colour sticker on the back of each set of cards and then a matching spot on the front (if you have more sets than colours, just use multiple dots!) Hopefully this means that students can find their missing cards more easily and quickly

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  1. This is genius! Whenever we use playing cards, it tends to get a bit messy! :) Thank you!