Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shake Rattle Drop and Friends of Ten

We have been practicing our addition and friends of ten this week. I came up with a quick way to play shake rattle drop all on the one page.

If you have never played Shake Rattle Drop, you need a ten frame (or this sheet) and ten double sided counters. You also need something to record with.

Shake the counters in your hands, and drop onto the page.

We always place the red counters first and yellow sides sencond.
Write down the Friends of Ten!

Go and fill the recording sheet up! It is great practice and the kids start to notice the number patterns for Friends of Ten quite quickly.

Click on this picture to go and grab this freebie from GoogleDocs.



  1. Thanks, this is really practical. Like how you've used it with the show me boards.

  2. I'm putting this in my plans for tomorrow! This is exactly what we are working on, and such a fun way to play

  3. Love this idea! We've been working on addition and this will be great for recording sums.

    Luck's Little Learners