Saturday, December 13, 2014

Big News!! I'm on the move.....

Thats right! Lots of moving for me in the new year! We will be knocking our house down and moving to my inlaws temporarily while we build our dream home.

And also in 2015.......

I'm moving from Grades 5/6!!!!

Its a great leap....with great opportunities waiting for me :) I taught many of these students in Year 2 and never thought I would get the chance again. So I am feeling extremely lucky.

But the whole MOVING part......not so much. I spent the whole day at school yesterday cleaning out my storeroom so I am ready to move on Monday. I shared this pic on my Facebook page

Yeah I know! Huge mess right? Ill take another pic tomorrow of the mess in my new room :)

I will still be making K-2 resources (as I have loved doing these!) but will now expand my store to include resources for 3-6! My first one was Unlocking Word Puzzles 1 and Unlocking Word Puzzles 2 (or just grab the BUNDLE)
To celebrate the move, I will give one BUNDLE away! Leave a comment telling me which grade you will be on next year. I will select one random comment in around 30 hours.


  1. I'm moving too; I'm off to a new school, but still teaching prep!

  2. Kindergarten through 8th grade Math and Reading Intervention. :)

  3. Im nervous but I will be teaching Yr 2

  4. I'll be on Year 4 again - luckily I'm not moving classrooms this year :)

  5. Wow...lots of changes for you! Sounds exciting. (except for the actual moving part x2) I'll be in second again...

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  6. Staying in the same room but teaching a Prep/1 rather than a straight Prep. Good luck with the 5/6's. I have done the reverse to you trained and taught upper primary before heading to Prep and Prep/1. Good luck with the changes! Glad you are still going to be making Kinder resources.

  7. Oh wow!! I'm moving to, but heading the opposite direction. Going from 5/6 down to 3/4

    Erin -
    Learning to be awesome

    1. Erin, my son picked you! I will email you the file.