Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year from me

I was going to try and link up with one of the top posts linkies but when I had a look through the posts, I didnt feel like it really reflected what my year has been like.

Professionally, it has to have been one of my BEST years ever! I had an AMAZING bunch of kids who I enjoyed teaching SOOOOO much as well as the most supportive, easy going teaching partner - Kim! We were able to achieve some amazing things and the way they all took off makes me feel so proud. On the last day of school (remember, in Australia, our school year is the calendar year) I actually held them all and cried. I am actually teary thinking about it. I cannot wait to see them grow up next year in Year 1 and I am so jealous of their new teachers. Here are some of our pics of the year.

On a TPT level, I feel like I got into a groove and want to thank you, the people who read this blog, follow on FB and TpT for supporting me on this wild journey. I managed to reach my first TPT milestone which was beyond my wildest dreams.  TPT and blogging has certainly reinvigorated me as an educator and has pushed me to find new and exciting ways to engage my students, differentiate for all abilities and teach my kids that learning IS fun!!! Some of my best TPT moments from the year.....

Finally, personally it was a challenging year. I returned to work full time this year for the first time since 2007 which was a lot different than I thought it would be. My son began Kindergarten and has had a tough year, which has effected me in so many ways. Without the support of my husband, family and wonderful friends, Im not sure what I would have done.
 I have 2 personal highlights - my family trip to Seaworld 

And having a bloggy meetup with some of the best girls I know. I am so happy to be able to count them as my friends.

If you made it through all of that, I hope 2015 is all that you want it to be! Take care of yourself, hug your family tight and
Don't forget to be awesome. yes!


  1. Happy New Year, lovely Brooke! It was so wonderful to be able to meet up with you (twice!) this year. Looking forward to a great 2015, and I hope it's just as fantastic for you and your family, too!

    Miss Galvin Learns

  2. I;m going to miss you being in Kindergarten! I loved seeing all y our photos :) You are such a dedicated, wonderful teacher, and your little ones have been so lucky! Thank you for your friendship through the year Brooke!