Monday, January 12, 2015

Back to School Buys!

Hope everyone is enjoying their time off, or if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, getting back into your routine and aren't too cold!

It is that time of year when Aussie and Kiwi teachers get ready for a new school year. What better way to do that then by buying cute stuff!

Let me show you a few of the things I have grabbed so far. Keep in mind, I still want to go to IKEA :)

1. My new teaching planner and life planner (plus cute pens because show me a teacher who DOESNT like cute pens).

2. Erasable pens and highlighters - an impulse buy from Costco last week. I think they were about $18

3. Hard plastic mini folders from Woolworths - $3 each. These were all the colours that were available. I might have to add some more when I go to do my weekly shop.

4. The cute notepad and clipboard is from Kmart $2 and the fun stamp was from Woolworths too $2

5. The funky lounge style beanbag covers are from Kmart - on special for $20. I may have bought some for school and home (just wish beans werent so expensive!)

6. Whiteboard markers from Costco $14 (I think). Something I seem to use a lot of during the year.

Have you bought any fun BTS items? Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. I got the Woolworths clipboards too!
    Just bought some click together plastic storage cube cupboards from eBay as our rooms have NO SHELVING at all! I need a neat way to store centres etc. I got an 8 cube set for reading, writing (word work too) and maths $50 each inc postage which I think is pretty good.
    Yet to find cheap shelving for my class library. I was looking at Target but they are pricey for the amount I need. Maybe Reject Shop is my answer? I'm attacking Facebook buy/sell pages for a wooden guided work table and milk crates.

  2. Definitely getting the clipboards! Where is the planner from?

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