Friday, January 23, 2015

Five for Friday! Jan 23rd

I am linking up in my last week of holidays before our new school year begins next week! Teachers return on Tuesday and kids on Wednesday. Depending on numbers within the school, we will hopefully have classes formed by Friday and get to start off the new week with our new kids.

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Its nearly back to school! Aldi had their stickers and stamps again so I grabbed about 10 packs to get me started. I also bought the NAPLAN books to give me an idea of the questions my Year 5s are going to have to understand (and chocolate - just because!) 

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I was given a pie maker for Christmas so last weekend I made my first batch! These are pizza pies! Basically in a microwave bowl I put ham, cabonossi, cherry tomatoes, diced beef, beef stock, gravy powder. I blitzed it in the microwave til the beef was cooked, then added cheese to the top. They were quite delicious!

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 I spent another day in my classroom this week and got my library set up, as well as my reading/chill corner. Those metal bag holders will have to go but I needed a power screwdriver to remove them. Hopefully soon!

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I added a new freebie this week - only available through the blog. Go check it out HERE

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This is my current labour of love at the moment. Moving to Stage 3 this year, and using a new syllabus for Maths means doing something new and different. I am currently working on Interactive Maths Journals which will align to the NSW syllabus and current Australian curriculum. Stay tuned!

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  1. I think the milky bar is a necessity! Good luck with back to school :)

  2. It's hard to imagine doing back to school in January. I was just looking at my classroom today and thinking...I'm ready for everything to be clean and new looking again! Love your reading/chill corner!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  3. That's interesting that your grades haven't been formed yet... So you don't actually know the kids who are in your class? Your Interactive Maths Journal looks like a lot of work - bet you can't wait to get it all done and dusted!

  4. I love your reading corner, I might use the same space. We took those hooks off and turned them into bag hooks for the whole class (hung up outside). Nice post! Craig

  5. I love the bright colours on your reading corner chair! I agree with Alison that your maths journal looks awesome, can't wait to see it!