Monday, March 3, 2014

DIY whisper phones

I have seen these at lot on Pinterest and other clever bloggers pages. I really wanted my own so I thought I would have a go. All I used was 2 things and I was surprised how easy it was!

I bought 2 small PVC elbow from the plumbing section at the hardware store and grabbed some fun patterned duct tape. The elbows DID NOT fit into each other at all!

I lined up the seams on the PVC so that the corners turned like a 'phone' shape. Then I wrapped it with duct ape until it felt very firm.

And there it was - a neat little whisper phone.

Could it be built a little better? Sure if I was willing to spend more money on special glue or another piece of pipe to join it together. But for my purpose (and for the awesome cost of $2.72 per whisper phone) I have something that is functional and easy for me to make.

Why not try it yourself?

Do you use whisper phones in your classroom?


  1. This is AWESOME!!!!! And easy! My kind of project... THANKS for sharing.


  2. Even if they only last you this year or two, they sure are cute! And you could change the duct tape each year to match your classroom colors/theme. It's not like the kids are going to break the PVC pipes! They just may need to be "adjusted" (i.e., re-taped) as time goes on. Great idea, Brooke!

  3. I really like this idea. Thanks for sharing. And the use of pretty tape rather than more PVC is a great idea!