Friday, August 24, 2012

Freebie Friday

Well apologies for posting twice in one day. But when I posted Therapeutic Thursday it was Friday here and now its Saturday so I'm posting Freebie Friday....I know it all sounds a little confusing but I find it hard to sometimes keep on blogland time.

But to the freebies. I thought I would post my current freebies all in one spot!

Friends of Ten Freebie - from my Sweet Shop Maths Pack

Word Wall Cards - Superhero themed (googledocs)

Division Mats (googledocs)

Magic Pot - A patterns activity

Making Groups and Arrays - a SMART notebook file

and finally!
Fraction Pizza Task Cards

I hope you can find something that you can use in your classroom! Happy Teacher Week!


  1. I did a Superhero theme this year. Wish I had seen these letter cards when I was setting up. Thanks for the idea.

  2. WOW, Fabulous freebies, Brooke! Thank you so much for sharing...I will be using all of them with my kiddies!! Hope you have a fabulous week ahead! Only 4 short weeks until holidays :) Enjoy the start of Spring too!! x

    1. You're welcome Tina. Can't believe there is only 4 weeks to go! Crazy hey?