Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Product Swap!


I was excited to see this idea from Ms Stanford and immediately signed up. I'm always interested to get feedback on my items, being fairly new to the game.

I was paired up with Haley from Following Optimism.

Following optimism

I chose her Number Sentences - Using Equal and Not Equal. Here is her store.

 The first thing I did was print the anchor charts and laminated them. These formed the visual reference for my kids about what the different sign looked like.
 All my printing ready to go! The packet has worksheets that deal with simple addition and subtraction as well as two digit addition and subtraction with and without trading. I only printed the simple and two digit without trading as I thought my kids would struggle a bit with the others.

 I paired my kids up, a stronger student with a weaker student because they hadn't done this concept before. The pairs worked really well together and my stronger kids learnt a lot by taking the lead at times and learning to step back and let the other student have a turn too.
 Using our fingers to count on.

An example on our whiteboard to help.

The worksheets fitted the bill of providing a resource that is hard to find. I found the range of difficulty good as it meant that the packet catered to the whole class and would be useful in Year 3 classes as well.It was well created, the text was easy to read and the charts provided a good visual.

Thanks Haley for letting me try your Number Sentences :) Go to her blog to read the review of my Dice and Card Games.


  1. Love this!!!

    ✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏
    ❤ I hope you enjoyed the swap!! If you would like to join again the link to sign up is on my post :)

  2. What a lovely idea! I have signed up for the next one!

    It is lovely to find another Aussie blog!

    Have a great week!