Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seed update! and some awesome finds :)

"I can't believe I am actually growing a real live plant!" 

This has to be the best quote I have seen in my kids seed diary. So far, we are on Day 18 of our broadbean in a cup adventure and they are going great guns! The kids come in every day so pumped to see what is happening and it is not unusal for them to call out during seed diary writing time "Mrs Beynon I saw mine grow a bit!" Hehe so funny and awesome.
Here is a pic of our best two growing cups from Day 14 (last week).
I will definately do one more update before the kids take them home to kill them plant them. The root system is incredible! Have you ever grown broadbeans in a cup? My recommendation is - DO IT! My next adventure is to (hopefully) hatch a butterfly from a chrysalis. Any stories about you doing this in your classroom?

My fantastic finds are these....
 I went to a second hand baby and kids market a few weekends ago and this is what I walked away with for my classroom. From the top left Build a Sentence game $2, huge bucket of cotton reels $1, big bag of Playdoh cutters etc $2 and the DK Silly sentences game $2. Great shopping don't you think?

Ahhhh gluesticks, the bane of any teachers exsistence. You buy lots, they disappear. You buy none, there is none. You understand what I am talking about! Well these my friends were reduced from $2.49 to 59cents each! I only bought 10 but plan to go back and grab some more. For my Australian friends, that was at Woolworths :) Good luck I hope you find some.

I have been working hard on some new stuff for my TPT store
Like this-
Coral and Aqua Planner $3.50
 Pink dots Planner $3.50
 My newest packet - 76 pages of Prefix and Suffix Goodness!!! 

 And my super cool Ninja Verbs - Attacking verb tense (you know that you will have the boys in your class hooked at the word Ninja!)

Please go and visit and fill up your little ol' wishlist.
Happy Tuesday :)

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  1. I think I'll be popping into Woolies.... thanks for the heads up!

    Down Under Teacher