Monday, February 18, 2013

A Weeeee problem

Oh man.


Two kinder kids.

Did tinkles in my room.





One on the floor.

Didn't tell anyone - just left a puddle.

One on the chair.

More bucket than puddle.

It is just someone told me.


What a day.

Any tips for helping train my kindy kids about the right time to go to the loo?


  1. I feel your pain. I had the same today - although one had their accident outside at lunchtime but didn't do anything about it (or tell anyone) and my other incident was vomit (right at the start of the day).

    As for training the kids - we constantly have big talks about putting their hand up when they need to go to the toilet (and doing it before they're completely busting to go to the toilet) - the repetition helps. I also usually have toilet/drink breaks halfway between the start of the day and recess/after recess to before lunch)/etc. Nothing dramatic, just a quick pit stop (and discussing how very soon they'll remember to go before school/during recess and lunch/etc all by themselves).

    I also ask/beg parents to leave a change of underwear in a snaplock bag in the bottom of school bags. It just makes life so much easier.

  2. Oh no! Hopefully it was just beginning of the year jitters. I've had a few get so caught up in what they're doing that they just seem to have forgotten to go - or didn't want to interrupt what they were doing at the time. When I worked with Grade Preps, I had one child go for a wee right on top of the monkey bars outside, and she just kept on playing - that was definitely unexpected! And yesterday, a boy just whipped it out and began to do a wee in the sandpit, so I definitely feel the pain.

    I'm teaching preschool this year, so I'm just giving constant reminders to go to the toilet, but when I worked with Preps, we always had a few toilet/drink breaks through the day, as Sterf mentioned. A spare change of underwear is a must for me, and I always try to look out whether I see anyone doing the 'toilet dance' that littlies seem to do every now and then :)

    As Stef mentioned

  3. Well I left a msg for you and it disappeared! So 2nd time lucky. Brooke I am so sorry but I laughed so much when I read this, any Kinder/Prep teacher would. You need to see everyday with a silver lining, be thankful that is was no 1 and not no 2! So much yuckier to clean up, heehee

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  4. Don't you just love the ones on the chair. I always have a bag prepared in my storeroom - plastic bag, spare knickers and baby wipes. I do a lesson at the beginning of the year sometime about how accidents can happen at school (trust me, you will get more of this)... and then show them how to deal with it, using the little kit I have prepared. I am lucky, we have a toilet in the classroom so they can easily go in and clean up themselves. Some schools have nice office ladies that might even help the children too ;) For the first few weeks of kinder, at my first school (no toilet in the room), I stopped at the playground toilets on the way back from assembly lines, and gave the kids a couple of minutes to go if they need to. I think the reinforcement of doing that every day for a few weeks helped them remember to eventually go on their own... good luck B :)

  5. Also have a little prepared note in the plastic bag, telling parents that an accident happened, and to clean and return the knickers :)

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  7. Oh no feeling your pain! The year before last I had a Preppie pee at Gymnastics ALL over the equipment- seriously 3 rotations before I caught her & took her to the toilet. Was just grateful the Gym cleaned it up for me!
    This time of the year we all go to the toilet every hour, on the hour & so far this year (I've probably just jinxed myself) no accidents so far. At the start of the year I have the parents bring in an "Accident Pack" with spare knickers, shorts, t-shirt & socks in a zip lock bag. The dirty clothes then go back into the zip lock bag & I send a note home at the start of the year letting parents know if it gets returned to wash the clothes & return them- in a new bag :)
    This makes the clean up a bit easier. Plus keeping paper towel & a super large can of Glen 20 in the room. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again.

  8. Oh dear, not one but two!
    It is part of beginning kindergarten. For the first few weeks I take my students for a toilet stop after lunch and recess before we go back into class. I also take them out a few minutes early at lunch and recess.
    You wouldn't believe it but even when I do that and I have a toilet in my room, I still have students who have an accident.

    Make you sure you have a supply of spare clothes, towels, hand wash, paper towels and plastic bags.

    That's kindergarten life!!

    Classroom Fun

  9. I was laughing out loud when I read this! I agree with Mrs. Poultney. Thank goodness it was only #1!! I have a restroom in my classroom so the rule of thumb for me is when you gotta go then go! As far as tips go, You can give each kiddo (or the ones with the issue) like 3-4 "magic" potty sticks. The kids keep them on their desks/tables as a reminder to go potty. Every time they go, they can drop the stick in a bucket on their way in to the potty. Just a thought......
    Kindergarten Boom Boom

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