Friday, February 15, 2013

Teacher Tip Thursday on Saturday!

Well it has been one of those weeks...but I am so happy with what I have accomplished with my Kinders in such a short time. We are sitting quietly on the floor, raising our hand to speak and taking turns like champions. Go KB!!!

One thing we are trying to do a lot of is name practice. I have about 5 kids who cannot write their names. Each child (Courtesy of my awesome teaching neighbour) has their own handwriting car where they must trace and copy twice with a whiteboard marker. Then they rub out and repeat.

This was causing a bit of drama which leads me to....

To help your munchkins rub out their whiteboard marker work when it is on laminated paper, you must get yourself some of these - 

These little babies are a little expensive, but if you chop them up and make small ones, you can probably make a class set out of a few packets.

I bought mine at Woolies for $4 a pack, but I managed to make 8 out of this 2 pack. And it means that the kids aren't complaining about not being able to rub out!

I hope this tip is helpful to you :) And I promise I will be back more regularly soon.


  1. Ooh - I must get some of these! Thanks for the tip, Brooke. I'll be on the lookout today for them!


    1. I was so excited yesterday when I went into Woolies - they had a special for 2 packs for $8 - was able to get enough to cut up for my whole class!

  2. Ohh awesome tip! I avoid using whiteboard markers on laminated activities just because it's always a drama.

    I found some awesome whiteboard crayons that I have been using but they are very messy and not the most ideal writing tool for my little preppies.

    I'm adding these chux erasers to my weekend shopping list!!

    Adoring Lilly

    1. Black markers erase more easily than colored and the magic erasers are great to clean up with. : ) Plus there is no fighting if everyone has a black marker.

  3. Oh my goodness I could hug you right now! I read somewhere that you could use normal rubber erasers but they don't work very well. Jiff works but it's a pain to use. Heading to Woolies now to buy a pack! Thanks Brooke