Friday, February 22, 2013

Practicing Letters Freebie

So far in two weeks in KB we have learned the sounds that 6 letters make. By learning all the sounds that letters make, we give kids strategies to be able to 'sound out' words by going through their choices.

We have started handwriting and forming letters but lots of the lovelies need lots more practice. I thought this might be a fun little activity for them to practice and it integrates math as well. I was planning on getting them to write on little whiteboards so it incorporates some variation on fine motor too.

I have only included the letters we have started with, but there is a lower case and upper case version for you to use. I will add to this file as we learn more letters and will keep it free! But there will be no bells and whistles for this one. You will have to follow me on Facebook to get notified of the updates.

Click the pic to go and grab this doc from TPT.