Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Sunday Sale!

By now I sure you are excited about the ads during the Superbowl ;) But in between the ads, what can you do?

Go shopping!!!

Thanks Jessica Weible for the cute graphics.

Make sure you get up to date on all your feedback to make sure you get your TPT credits which you can spend in the sale which means more stuff for you!!!! (That was quite a long sentence!)

Here are some of newies and favourites in my TPT store

 My best seller with 20 games including instructions. All you need to do is print and laminate, add some dice or a pack of cards and away you go!
 These board games were a favourite of my Year 2's last year. Practicing division is hard but this game makes it fun!! There are 7 different games included focussing on dividing by 2, 3, 5 and 10.
 This one has been super popular lately. It has a range of activities to help your students understand adjectives and how to use them to improve their writing. There is even a craft and writing exercise to finish the unit off - it is a super cute Cheshire Cat!
 This is one of my newer games and is Kindergarten focussed but would be perfect for RTI or your struggling Year 1 students. Concentrating on being able to match numbers with dot patterns, it includes 4 recording sheets which would be perfect for assessment and 3 different games so you can cater for different levels.
 Another Kindergarten focussed game, this one is BINGO style and gets students recognising numbers as both written form and on ten frames. The included resources allow you to create 4 different leveled BINGO games and has 6 assessment/recording sheets to monitor student understanding.
This one is another Kinder/RTI activity pack which students can practice making numbers on a ten frame. It also moves into making addition facts on a ten or twenty frame and is perfect for your visual and tactile learners.
And finally, my Seed Diary has had a massive overhaul so if you already have this one, make sure you redownload it. But it is perfect for your seed adventure in the classroom with lots of room to write and draw.

So go and grab a bargain! Some of my friends will be on sale too so go and check out their store and fill your cart!! 

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