Thursday, April 11, 2013

And exhale.... Thursday Tip!

Term one is complete! I have to say that I am surprised! Surprised that I have enjoyed Kindergarten so much. Surprised that I have coped (sometimes I am not the most patient person hehe). Surprised at how much fun we have. And finally, surprised at how far these kiddies have come!!!

Which leads me to.... 

This idea came from Pinterest (I think). When your kiddies are just learning to write letters and numbers, or struggle with certain things, in the past I have often tried to draw dotted lines for them to trace over. But then I found a tip that changed my life.

Thanks Mel @ Graphics from the Pond for this cute little highlighter fellow!

 To help your kiddies, simply carry a highlighter around, show them a few times with the highlighter and then they are able to trace or channel the letter or number they are struggling with. 
We were finding 8 quite tricky this week. There was a lot of high lighter happiness going around! The kids told me they prefer yellow lol.

Hope this is something you can use in your classroom


  1. I love highlighters! In fact, when I was in setting up my classroom I added highlighters to each table's pencil tubs - my intention is to have my kiddos highlight their names before they hand a sheet in (interestingly enough - this is more for my Grade 1s than my preps who write their name on EVERYTHING). But it'll be handy for your tip, too - the highlighters will be in easy reach.

    Thanks, Brooke!

  2. How handy are highlighters?! Great tip, thanks Brooke!


  3. This is a great idea Brooke - Thank's for sharing!!!


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