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Friday, April 5, 2013

Word Family Racers

I just wanted to share something I have been working on with you. As I head into Term 2 with my Kinders, I know my focus has to shift from alphabet and phonics and move onto combining our phonics knowledge to read words.

The fabulous clip art is from Mel @ Graphics From the Pond. I am just loving everything of hers lately!
I tested this out with Miss M who is in Kinder. This is what we started with - 2 word family sheets and the cards that go with each one. We also had the recording sheet in my nifty new sheet protectors that were delivered yesterday from Amazon.

Forgive the jammies - Saturday morning in our house is PJ day until we have to go out. Here is M matching the words to the family ending. I should have taken a video of how she was working it out
Here is our finished family race tracks - the ap and at families.

Now on to the recording. The sheet is black and white so you can copy for each student, or maybe have some laminated ones or do what I did with my protectors (can you tell I am in love with these! And I am so going to order more!!!)

Ta-daaaa! Look at that awesome writing! I was encouraging her to say the words as say was writing to reinforce her phonemic awareness.

Here is a look at what is inside. It includes 20 common rimes including

at, ap, ot, et, ad, an, ab, ay, un, ut, ig, ip, in, it, og, op, ug, ow, oy, ub.

I would love to give one away! So just tell me why you need it! I will pick one comment on Sunday night (so don't forget your email!) And if you don't win the giveaway, I'll have it in my store for $2.50 instead of $3.50 for the weekend. Just click the picture above to go to it.


  1. It is fabulous! My littles need all the practice they can get with some of these difficult rimes. Adorable :)

  2. How cute, Brooke! (Also, how funny - I've just started some word family activities this weekend, too! I think yours are cuter, though!) My preps will be beginning their second term and will definitely start working on word families and building words. This would be perfect for them.

    Miss Galvin Learns

  3. Hi Brooke,

    My Preppies are also moving on to word families this term and I wanted to introduce it to them through a 'hands on' approach rather than exhaust them with tonnes of writing straight away. My class of mostly boys would love your cute race cars and this pack will help them to connect their knowledge of phonics with word families in an interactive way. If I don't win the pack I am definitely going to buy it. Thanks for sharing!

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep

  4. They look great for my lower achieving year 1 kiddos. It looks like it will be great for independent practice - something my lower achievers desperately need! PS thanks for the protectors idea, Amazon just got some more of my hard earned cash!

  5. Would love to win! My students could always use the practice!

  6. They would be fabulous for some of my Year 2's who are operating at a kinder level. I'm happy to try anything to help them move forward. I've also got a student starting in year 2 next week, from overseas, who can speak English, but can't read or write it. Help me please Brooke. :)

    Belinda -

  7. This would be great reinforcement with my 6-year old.

  8. I would like my ELLs to have a high interest activity to practice their word family reading skills. They still struggle to build, identify, and recognize basic word families. This high interest activity will allow me to use it as a guided activity and then as an independent practice. I believe the guided practice will help me guide them through a "cold" practice and then it will help build their confidence and allow a "hot" practice independently. That's the professional benefit and reason why I need it. I also think it is just plain adorable!!

  9. These are perfect for my kinder Title I kiddos. I am going to start on word families with them next week. They enjoy activities like this since they don't get too many opportunities for them in their regular class.

    1. Congrats lee Ann - you're the lucky recipient of my word family racers pack! Expect it tomorrow.

  10. I am working with 3 adorable little boys during our RTI time at school. These little guys would find your darling unit very motivating! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  11. My class of 12 special education boys would love this resource. They love cars and trucks and things that "go" This would also go nicely as a follow up to an activity I created for them. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Happy to follow you all the way from NY, USA.
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  12. This would be great to use with my pre-k class. We are starting to work on word families and the boys would love this!

  13. Hi Brooke, I love your blog and your learning resources. It is so nice to see a fellow Aussie blogger too. I have added your button to my Aussie Blogs page and am following you. I could certainly use this wonderful resource with my Preps. Actually, I could use a lot of your resources with my Preps.
    find me at my Prep M Blog

  14. I would LOVE this.
    I am a graduate teacher and have just taken over a wriggly but loveable prep class who love kinaesthetic learning.
    I am slowly building up my resources and they would LOVE this activity :)

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  16. Brooke,
    I just love your blog and your ideas. I have taught Kindergarten 20+ years. Our state just adopted Common Core. It is almost like starting all over again I need new activities!! The Word Racer game would be perfect for my children.

  17. Hi Brooke,
    I live in Australia and I love reading your fantastic blog.
    Just wondering how to get this awesome resource to use with my 18 kiddos in kindy. I really like this!!