Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I can make numbers!

Today was my first day back with the kiddies for the term.

To sum it up in one word


It was like trying to teach Kindergarten how to behave at school again as well as try and start some work.


Hope tomorrow is better.

We used one of my packs I havent blogged about before -

 I tried out my activity with Miss M last night :)

 I grabbed the twenty frames out the pack (there is also ten frames for differentiation), a ten sided dice and a handful of counters.
We would roll the dice and add that many counters to our twenty frame - practicing one to one correspondence and counting as well as forward number word sequence and a little bit of addition (we were talking about how many in the top and bottom row of each ten frame, how many more to fill it etc).
When we got close to the end, we were only allowed to roll the exact number to be the winner - if you rolled more you missed your turn.
She loves to beat me! And I love it when she does :)
It also has a ten frame version for those students still dealing with numbers 0-10 and for working on Friends of Ten activities.

Grab it in the store by clicking any picture and have some ten frame/twenty frame fun in your classroom too.


  1. Great pack. Just added it to my wishlist. Your daughter is such a cutie!!

  2. Looks great Brooke! How nice is it to have a little guinea pig at home to test run everything, she always looks like she loves the activities you make. So cute!

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings