Saturday, May 18, 2013

Initial and final sounds

I am now in week 3 of literacy work stations. Last week, as you might have seen on instagram, I had a rhyming focus, with lots of rhyming activities. This proved to be too big a jump for the kiddies, so this week its back to basics with initial and ending sounds.

I *heart* having my very own product tester at home and it is pretty cool that she says and I quote "I love testing things for you Mum!" Wonder if I should be paying her royalties of some description?

This is what you get - There are 48 cards in total (2 for each initial sound) plus 2 blanks. I have even included a black and white version for you if colour printing isnt your thing. All you need extra is some pegs or paper clips or even a white board marker to colour in the correct letter for the sound.

Also notice my dry erase pocket in the background? They are from My Binding. I was sent a pack to use and review.

 First we concentrated on initial sounds. Say the word, isolate the sound and clip it! Easy and fun!
 This was Miss M's idea, to clip it next to the letter. Otherwise she couldnt see the letter she had picked.
 And one more - darling graphics from my girl Mel Graphics from the Pond
The completed cards we were testing :)
Then we used the recording sheet in the dry erase pockets and did the same thing but this time we had to record the letters that made the initial sound. The sheets were great to write on and rubbed off really easily. I love the idea of less copies!
On to ending/final sounds. (can you see the light saber in the background? lol)

 All clipped up and record to see if we understood the concepts.
Ending sounds recording sheet where Miss M recorded the letters that made those sounds.

So what do you think? I usually give one of my new packs away. So just let me know what you would use it for or maybe just how cute you think it is hehehe. I will pick a random number after 24 hours :)

Click on any picture to go and grab it at my TPT store.


  1. These are great! I would use them in work stations and for the "strugglers." I am going to check out the dry erase pockets. I have been using the heavy duty clear pocket sleeves for binders.

  2. How gorgeous, Brooke!

    I would use this with some of my Preps, but predominately, I would use it with one of my Grade 1s who is working below Prep-level. She struggles with identifying letters/sounds so this would be good practise for her (one on one with me).

    I have a class set of those plastic dry-erase pockets. They are SO fantastic. We use them for handwriting, Literacy and Numeracy tasks.

    Also, I love those little envelopes that you use to store your activities! I use the bigger ones... but only because I've never seen the small ones before. Where did you find those?

    Miss Galvin Learns

    1. I also saw those nifty little pockets - what a great size! I use a lot of A5 size pockets but these look great as well. Please let us know where you got them!

    2. I actually got them at the Post Office! They were in one catalogue and I bought out my local. I think they were selling them as receipt envelopes.

    3. Awesome. I will keep my eye out for them!

    4. They also had them at Office Max last time I was there. :)

  3. This pack looks great Brooke! I'm also jealous of how bright and clear your photos look! What brand of camera do you use?

    This pack looks perfect for some special little kids in my class. The cards would be great for learning the names of things, a big goal for them as they only know about 4 letters so far. I also have a new student who still needs to work on her sounds so this pack would be perfect for her with literacy rotations.

    Down Under Teacher

  4. Love this Brooke! Am so honoured that you used my graphics :) I went to your store but could not find it, have you listed it yet? Photos are great girly! :)

    1. Yep its there. I *heart* your graphics Mel, its getting harder to use others ;)

  5. Brooke,

    This resource is wonderful. I love Mel's graphics too! I am so happy to follow your blog. I am hoping that get the honor to own it if my number is picked!
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  6. This looks fabulous Brooke :) I would use it as an extension activity for some of my preschool kiddies. I will also be keeping an eye out for some of those cute little envelopes. I use the A4 size folders with smaller cards in zip lock bags.

  7. A fab set of tasks for consolidating and checking sound recognition. I love that you have included the initial and final sounds. Whoever picks up this packet for free will be very lucky.
    I too love Mel's graphics and can't get enough of them.
    Paula’s Place

  8. This is such a great activity Brooke! I love that you have the kids record their learning to ensure that everyone is working hard during your centre time. These would be great for my lower groups who are not quite ready to start formal reading groups yet.

    Lifelong Learners in Prep

  9. This looks awesome Brooke! This would be great as centers or to use as an assessment. Love Mel's graphics too! Thanks for the opportunity to win this. :-)


  10. Great centers for review and love those Dry Erase Pockets!

  11. I love that you have included the final sound on these cards - makes them twice as great! I'll be buying these for sure, even if it's not my number that's chosen. I have a group of kidlets who need a lot more practise with this concept. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  12. I read you blog all the time. You must be psychic. I need something to help a couple of young men in my IM class with beginning sounds. This will be fabulous. I hope I win but if I don't I will buy a set. Just what I need.

  13. Hey Brooke,

    Love this newest product, and yes the Graphics are great! And yes you should start paying your Little Miss royalties ;-)


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  15. Hi,

    What a great idea with the pegs, I would like to try this with middle vowel sounds and blends.


  16. Lucky Mel Crean - random number generator picked you! Ill send you the file when I get home.

    1. Awesome Brooke, what a lovely surprise. Thanks so much!