Friday, May 10, 2013

Shopped and dropped!

Love me a sale! Love me some teachers!

Combine both!

Awesomeness or for those out there who love HIMYM....


wait for it......


I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin to share my shopping!

CVC Scoops!
CVC Scoops from Annie Moffatt
GeoBoard It! A Fun Math and Geometry Station
Geoboard Madness Goodness - First Grade Blue Skies
Vowel Letters Clipart
Cute little vowel clipart from AliMath (no she is not just all about Maths!!)

Math Fact Fun {5 Centers & 6 Follow-up/Review Sheets}
Maths Funness! from Doodle Bugs
Need For Speed Kindergarten Addition and Subtraction Fluency
Maths Fluency Pack from Deedee Wills
Smartphone Cell Phones Dipped in Glitter Clipart - Math La
Glittery Phone goodness from Glitter and Glue **heart** these

and what sale would be complete without a purchase from my girl Mel @ Graphics from the Pond?
Medieval Kids - King Queen Kinight Princess Castle Dragon Clipart

Go and share what you bought....or just add some more stuff to your wishlist (like me heehee)


  1. I love the clipart you purchased! I bought something from you in the sale and you get a mention in my post :)

    Little Leaps of Learning

  2. There are so many amazing products available on TPT - so inspiring!! I managed to avoid the sales this time (well almost) and only purchased one product - a letter recognition and identification pack from The Inspired Apple:

    Lifelong Learners in Prep

  3. Thanks for the shout out Brooke! My name is a little deceiving!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning