Friday, May 31, 2013

Five For Friday


Well what a week.

1. It started in tears. I had spent quite a large amount of time last weekend trying to plan some engaging and relevant literacy work station activities based around creating CVCs for my Kinders and all I could think was FAIL! Was it them or me?

2. It began looking up a little when I took my workstation gear home for my own Kinder daughter to try out.... (will be blogging about this over the weekend)

3. Some gorgeous late autumn weather encouraged us to get outside and talk our dog to the off-leash park!

4. MacDonalds has this awesome treat for a limited time - sour citrus slushie with soft serve=YUM!
and finally 
5. My birthday

Enjoy your weekend! I know I will now my reports have been submitted....that is, until they come back for editing.


  1. Happy birthday Brooke!:)

    Soo heading out to get that slushie today. :P
    The Sea of Knowledge

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  3. Your workstation looked awesome esp. what looks like the vowels all being red or some such pattern! They all sound like they had Mondayitis so don't put it back on yourself! :)

    My stepson would've LOVED the sour Maccas drink! Anything bitter and sour lollies he just LOVES! I remember as a tween having warheads and them making my ears 'zap/tinggggg'!

    Liz - BaysideMathTeacher

  4. I love pandora! Especially that gorgeous star charm!

    I think the work stations look great! I know your frustration though - preparing activities for preppies takes SO long and they spend so little time with them!