Sunday, June 2, 2013


Go and link up with Farley's Currently!

My little girl is 5 and testing her boundaries.

My super cute Kinder kids and teaching friends spoilt me for my birthday. See this post.

Now reports are done, I am looking forward to more time to pin, create, blog, pin.....

I scored some cash and vouchers for my birthday. I am after some new tights and long cardis.

It is cold here today! And rainy. And yuck. The socks aren't cutting it, so its on with the Uggs.

We have our half year break in 4 weeks and get 2 weeks off. Looking forward to it!


  1. Happy belated birthday! I found you through the "Currently" linky party, and I'm glad I did. I'm jealous of your reports being completed (we have some due soon as well), but I'm not envious of your weather! it's sunny and in the 70's here in Spain. :-)

    Amy @ The Littlest Superheroes

  2. I have four more weeks too. But you have birthday money to spend and that makes the make better.
    Report cards....oh darn it, I guess I need to start working on those :(
    My Second Sense

  3. ooOo I just WISH our reports were done, but ours won't open for another 1.5 weeks and they are due AFTER the Holidays! That is a good and bad thing though! :(

    We have 3 weeks left until holidays... Technically 13 school days because we have the public holiday this coming Monday! :)

    Liz - BaysideMathTeacher

  4. Hi! I'm switching from 6th to 5th grade next year and found your blog from Farley's linky party! Check out my blog and subscribe by email:

    I look forward to reading more! :)