Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Alphabet Flippy Books

Happy New Year!!! I had such a mixed 2013....started off fantastic...took a turn for the worse in April...then started to build again in September. I figure 2014 has to be good!

I just wanted to share my newest creation with you! I am excited about this one!

The best thing about these little books is there is no cutting or gluing! Just folding!

On the front, students write their name and colour the pics. 
 The inside pages are a chance for students to practice their letter formation. First they trace on top of the letters, then channel the letters in the guidelines and finally, write their own.
 This is for both upper and lower case - Miss M wanted to do the capitals first!

 On the back page, students need to colour the pictures that begin with that letter.

 And finally they need to identify and circle the letter focus. 
These could be kept together and made into a fun booklet and way to revise letters! 

Click the image to go to Google Docs to try them out for yourself!

Look for Number Flippy books next.

Want one of these? Tell me how you would use it in the classroom!. I will pick 2 people so dont forget your email address! (Winners to be chosen in 24 hours)


  1. They look FABULOUS, Brooke! I'm adding them to my cart as I type this and will be adding them to my alphabet resources for next year. Such a clever idea!

    Miss Galvin Learns

  2. I teach a letter for each week so these would be added to my weekly centers, or maybe morning work during the week. THanks! kindercards@gmail.com

  3. Would be great for my kids, especially for independent learners!


  4. I would use it for my struggling learners who still have not mastered the Alphabet. Happy New Year!


  5. Great for homework practice - all on one page just the right amount for my kinders. Thanks and Happy New Year!!!

  6. Love to win one of these and use them for pre emergent children who need help with letter recognition. Your book has it all for them: working with letter formation, recognising sounds\ letters, matching sounds to pictures. What a great activity for a station or whole class activity at beginning of year. It would fit in with my letter of the week station too. ann.brook@education.tas.gov.au

  7. These would be perfect go my class. I especially like the no cutting and only using one page per book. We are limited to number of copies we can make. patty.ward0@gmail.com

  8. These would be perfect go my class. I especially like the no cutting and only using one page per book. We are limited to number of copies we can make. patty.ward0@gmail.com

  9. This would be perfect for my pm class that is getting ready for Kindergarten. Some of my kids are with me for 3 years and this would be a great way to mix it up and keep it new for them! Very cute! I can't wait for the number books. Happy New Year! kdb1983@Hotmail.com
    Fun in ECSE

  10. I would use it as a take home activity with my preschoolers to work on with their families....after I introduce a letter in my classroom....LOVE THEM! latisa.moore@nkcaa.net

  11. I would use them with my students who don't know all of the alphabet as another resource in my special ed classroom. karenslotz@gmail.com

  12. I would love to have these for my kinders. They are having a difficult time. Then, they can take them home to share for more practice. :) tfrteach@aol.com

  13. Congrats Ann and patty. I'll be sending to you when I return from my holiday :)

  14. Thank you so much. I'll be using these tomorrow. Can't wait.