Monday, December 2, 2013

Dunk It!

I wanted to give you a little peek at my newest creation. Its not something that most of my Kinders need at this time of year (although a few would benefit) but I made it mainly for next year :)

My little Miss M is nearly finished Kindergarten but still asked me if she could be the tester. I think she was worried I would give her job away! 
The idea of the game is to match upper case with lower case. In the pack, there are 2 levels of difficulty. Let me show you.

 Here are the upper case milks. You use these for both games.

These are the set 1 cards. All cookies have lower case letters in a very easy to read font. 

Simply match the upper case and lower case. You can choose any combination of letters that you like so you can tailor it to your students and what they are learning.

These cookies are the level 2 set. Each letter has 6 lower case letters to match to the upper case. The added difficulty is that each letter is a different font so that your students can learn to identify letters even though they appear differently.

Again, you just choose the letters you would like to focus on to tailor to your needs.

The last part is for consolidating learning or could be used as an assessment task. There are a range of different recording sheets where students need to write the matching lower case to the upper case displayed. I have even included a blank version for you to write your own upper case in so it can be matched to your students.
I am loving her neat writing!

So there it is! I have it on sale in my TPT store right now! Click any pic to go and grab it

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