Friday, June 6, 2014

Comprehension in Kindergarten

We have been hard at work at comprehension in Kindergarten. This fabulous idea is from my teaching partner Kim!

Instead of the traditional approach to comprehension as a lot of our kids would not be able to read and answer a question, we moved towards the drawing side to show understanding. This week we did the Rainbow Fish.
I thought a know story might help a bit with the recall of details and the series of events.

We used this template which (hopefully) gave them a defined idea of beginning middle and end.
I actually read the story twice (as well as having listened to it a week earlier on Storyline Online) so they were should have been quite familiar.
Here is a couple of the finished comprehensions, I asked each child one on one to explain their pictures and scribed their answer.

We will continue with this this term. How do you do comprehension in Kindergarten?

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  1. Great idea, Brooke! We do something very similar with the preps, too.

    Miss Galvin Learns