Saturday, June 21, 2014

Friends of Ten Bracelets - Bright Ideas!

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This month my Bright Idea is Friends of Ten bracelets. We have been talking about which numbers make ten in class and although we have been working a lot with ten frames, I thought we needed to see it a little differently.

You will need some pipe cleaners and some beads (here I had a jar of cut up straw which certainly worked fine!)

We sat in a big circle and talked about the Friends of Ten. Then I distributed bowls of straws and asked the kids to thread ten pieces onto their pipe cleaner (fine motor skills and maths unite!)
As we went through the Friends of Ten, we were able to separate the straws into two separate groups. Here you can see the friends of ten are 2 (on the left) and 8.
After we had had some fun moving the straws around, I handed out whietboards and textas and we recorded what we saw.
Of course sometimes we make mistakes, but having the concrete example there was easy to draw that students attention back to the friends of ten they had had a problem with and get them to remake it. Instant assessment!

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  1. Hey Brooke,

    This is a great idea :-) My little girl has really been into numbers lately, she counts everything and asks all the time about how much is this plus this. I think this concrete example will help her understand even better.


  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing it. Do you know how to die macaroni? You can do these with colored macaroni too. . . It might be cheaper!
    Second In Line'

  3. This is a great idea :) Thanks for sharing!