Saturday, June 14, 2014

Science Day!

Last week, we had a day which was suggested by our SRC (which is the Student Representative Council). They told the teachers they didnt think we were doing enough science and would like a science day. They compiled a list of experiments they would like to do and shared it with the teachers. Then the teachers chose some and ran the session.

In Kinder, we divided our 2 classes into 8 small groups and ran 4 activities in each room. In the other K room there was bubbles with varying sizes and shapes of wands, sinking and floating, oil and water and making paper planes. I would love to share pics of those but I dont have any without kids front and centre.

In my room I had the following activities - magnets, building with cups, water beads and making a reaction with baking soda and vinegar.

1. Magnets - Here I used my magnetic wands and magnetic counters. The kids were experimenting with putting the counters in patterns and trying to pick them up in one whole sweep. They really enjoyed it!

 2. Building with plastic cups - This activity is not unfamiliar to our classes and is an activity that they ask for often in developmental play time. The difference today was they were trying to 'outbuild' each other by making the tallest tower.
3. Making reactions - This was my station. The kids had to add a small scoop of bicarb soda to their plate and then gently drip the vinegar (mixed with food colouring) onto the little pile. The result is a fizzing pile which the kids really enjoyed. We then experimented with putting the piles quite close together and seeing if the colours mixed. Definitely a lot of fun and the materials for this were SUPER cheap, if you are thinking about doing it in your own classroom.

 4. Water Beads - This was the last station in my room and did they have a great time with these balls. We added the water the day before and they enlarge while soaking. They feel pretty cool! The kids were given a spoon and tweezers and they were trying to move them around to different bowls. They even had a game of bouncing the balls on the table and trying to get them into the bowl. Needless to say, there was a HUGE mess under the table at the end.

Do you ever have Science Day at your school?


  1. Wow, these activities look great, Brooke. I love doing hands on activities with the kids. It's exciting watching them having fun while they are learning and worth all the planning and preparation.


  2. Looks like such a fun day, Brooke!

    We have Science as a specialist subject, and it's hands-down, the favourite subject the kiddos do. Our Science teacher is wonderful and very knowledgeable. Plus, I think our Junior School Council suggested a science day, too. Need to follow up and see what was decided. Would be a lot of fun!

    Stef @ Miss Galvin Learns