Friday, June 13, 2014

Do you GoNoodle?

Does your class need breaks between lessons? Sometimes they need to get moving to 'wake up' and sometimes they need they calming down time. GoNoodle might just be the answer!

What is GoNoodle?
It is a FREE brain break website which is used by teachers all around the world! The brain breaks range from dances (KooKooKangaRoo are awesome!) YouTube videos, athletics and even a calming series called Flow, you will find something to suit your class.

Why GoNoodle?
It is super easy to use. Just pick a champ, pick a brain break and watch your minutes accumulate. Your kids will stay focused (or even regain focus) AND have fun! Another great thing is that you can access great kid-approved brain breaks in one place so it is no-prep and ready to go!

We particularly LOVE Ninja Training and Dinosaur Stomp where the kids get to get up and dance, by following the simple and easy to remember moves.

Does GoNoodle interfere with learning time?
Not at all! We use GoNoodle as a lesson break or transition into a new activity. It help us settle down or get our bodies moving again after a long session on the floor. Most of the brain breaks are 5 minutes or less and are perfect to slot into those little spaces of time.

Here is our current champ!

How does Go Noodle benefit my class?
I have found that the best part of GoNoodle is the participation from all kids. As well as keeping them engaged and active, it can help kids achieve recommended daily activity levels without them even realising it! Incidental exercise like this certainly adds up.

What kind of brain breaks can I pick from?
The totally FREE brain breaks range from calming breathing exercises (like Flow which we LOVE) to yoga-like stretching with Maximo, fun and easy dances with KooKooKangaRoo (make one of your first brain breaks Ninja Training and your boys will be hooked!) and athletics training like sprint, hurdles, javelin and long jump! With many ways to keep kids engaged, you will be able to find brain breaks that your kids love and mark them as a favourite to come back to again and again!

Why not try it? Remember it is FREE! Click on the picture below or HERE to go and sign up your own class.

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