Saturday, April 21, 2012

Behaviour Management in 2B

My class 2B :) This year they are the sweetest, kindest bunch that seem to genuinely care about each and support each other. I found this so refreshing as last year which was my first year in Year 2, that there were some very nasty personalities amongst the bunch (boys and girls). But this year so far has been smooth sailing (just remember that we only started school for the year in late January).
In my classroom, my main rule is to take chances. And if someone takes a chance, that noone should be laughing, rather they should be supportive. And my kids totally get it! Amazing right?
To reward positive behaviour, I give out bees. Yep a little bee printed on a piece of cardboard which kids can 'keep' in their bee keeper.
Their bee keeper is just a small envelope which I get the kids to decorate and then write their name on. I then mount them all on a big piece of cardboard on the wall and the kids put their bees in there. I did have a picture floating around somewhere but cant locate it. I will take another one and post it soon.
We decided as a class at the start of the year that 10 bees would be a good number to collect before we could trade it for a prize - a lucky dip. In my world famous lucky dip box there is lots of little things like cool pencils, sharpeners, notepads, little toys and some lollies. The kids love it and I find its not an expensive reward system. I do do special things for them throughout the year for different reasons but this is a great week to week system that the kids enjoy.
What works in your classroom? I love the fill the bucket idea that I have seen a lot of teachers doing. How do you reward your kids?


  1. Cute blog! I am your 10th follower! Woo Hoo! If you start school in January, when is the school year over? I had a friend that lived in Australia for 6 months and have been intrigued with it ever since!

  2. Thanks for jumping on board Kelly :) We finish right before Christmas - usually have about a week between finishing up and Christmas. But we have a 5 week break over Dec/Jan. So it can't be all bad right?

  3. Hi! I'm Sydney one of the administrators from Teaching Blog Addict (TBA) and I just wanted to welcome you to the teaching blog world. We are so glad you linked up with us on our New Blogger party. Let me know, or any of us, if you need anything. I had a friend last yea whose theme was Bees and for behaviour she did Bee Bucks (dollars).
    Lessons Learned

    1. Thanks Sydney. Its such a huge big world of teaching blogs I didnt know existed! Its actually inspiring me to become a better teacher.