Friday, April 6, 2012

Sensational Syllables

In 2B, we place a great focus on sounds in words. And let's face it, when it comes to spelling difficult words, the longer it is, the harder the kids struggle. So when we work on spelling, we think about the syllables or chunks we can break a word into, rather than all the individual sounds that make up the words. Instead of remembering a string of letters, kids may only have to remember 3 chunks of sounds.
Clear as mud right?
That's where Sensational Syllables come in. I use this as one rotation activity in my guided reading groups, when students pick their own words from their novel or guided reading book and think about the chunks that make up the word. I have them write the initial word in the top of the pyramid, chunk the word in the middle section and then in the bottom, list the blends or spelling rules that they can find in the word. I believe this builds more understanding in spelling and about how different sounds make certain words work.
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