Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In the holidays....(or vacation time if you will)

Here I sit, bathed in sunlight in my front room, surrounded by books, paper, thumbdrives and other teaching materials (including some plastic eggs I want to use) with absolutely ZERO motivation to get started. A hard emotion to overcome or summon I think. Which leave me much work do you do when you have a holiday or vacation break? I usually devote one whole week to 'rest' and then think about prepping for the next term. So what about you?
As I'm in procrastination mode - searching blogs and Pinterest are the thing to do. As I was doing my daily blog reading updates I stumbled across this awesome giveaway from Run!Miss Nelson's Got the Camera - think Oprah!
She is hooking up with SchoolGirl Style to giveaway an awesome classroom decor set. Go here to check it out :)


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm so excited to have a follower from Australia!! :) Technology is amazing!

    When you have a holiday or vacation break, you definitely need to take some time to just rest. Enjoy!


    1. I love it too :) Its great to get inspiration for educators all over the world

  2. H Brooke! Thanks for following my blog, I am so thrilled to see another Australian teacher blogging ... we seem to be few and far between! I am in the exact same mindset as you with regards to getting ready for next term! I figure I am going to enjoy my time until Monday and then spend all of next week prepping :) We gals need some time to just relax, right ? Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie