Sunday, April 15, 2012

The best things in (*maths*) are free...

Hi all
Been a busy weekend here in Sydney. My husband had the thrill of a lifetime when he flew in the Red Bull Stunt plane (like the ones you see racing and doing tricks on TV). The explanation from the pilot had me in fits of giggles though, as I saw him demonstrate where to vomit and then what to do with it hahaha. Needless to say, the chuck bag wasn't necessary and the man had a great time - vowing to do it again.
So to the freebie. I am going to upload my Take 2 subtraction game to Tpt on the weekend, but I want to give it to you first. I have decided I'm not cool enough for give aways with random numbers - I am going to do it old school and if you comment and that you follow me and my Tpt Store, you get it! As an added incentive, if you blog about my freebie and leave me the link, I'll give you my new Number bond flashcards to 20, which will also be going into the store.

Too easy right?
Then jump to it :) Don't forget your email address.
I'll be back with more pearls of wisdom when my kiddies are asleep


  1. Hi Brooke, just found your blog. Very nice! I'm now a follower, and a follower on TPT. I couldn't find a button to your TPT anywhere on your blog, so maybe that would help to have up, just so it's easier for others to find :). I love the subtract 2 cards, and if I had a blog I'd blog about your freebie - the number bond cards are so cute!

    My email is Thanks!

  2. Hey Brooke! I'm so excited for the cute owl cards! I blogged about it here:

  3. hi jessica :) can you post your email address? Then ill send your goodies. That web address doesnt seem to be working though, says page not found

  4. Hey Brooke!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! (Just a quick, funny story...last night when I saw the email, all my eyes quickly scanned was your email address...which is almost the EXACT same as one of my best friends. So I thought WHY didn't she tell me she joined my blog, thinking it was my friend! Haha, it took me a good 30 seconds to put the pieces together!)

    I'd LOVE a free copy of these cute owls! I now follow your blog and TpT store.

    Just Tinkerin’ Around


    1. Sorry, sorry, I was NOT a good reader....but I would love the Subtract 2 game! :)

      Please forgive's the weekend, and my brain is on "standby"! :)