Thursday, September 26, 2013


It's Friday morning here in Australia and I am in the middle of my 2 weeks off. I am feeling pretty good! But I know that term 4 is such a jam packed term so I decided to start to tackle my planning for the term.
I know last term there was a lot of missed teaching due to the school concert which consumed us for weeks! So I am trying hard to squish everything in before the Christmas period sneaks up!

Writing is something I would like to do more of this term to prepare my Kinders for Year 1 and part of that is free choice writing. I thought if I timetabled it in, it would make me more accountable! And this term we are studying the farm so I am sure it will give us plenty to write about! We are getting chickens to be incubated in Week 2 (for 2 weeks) so we will be keeping a chicken diary and then we are visiting a farm in Week 4! Lots to write about coming soon :)

Here is my Version 1 timetable for Term 4. There is no Friday because I get to play Mum on that day :)

I find it hard to fit everything in...but we are going to be changing the way we do our literacy next year with the new curriculum coming maybe there is hope!

What does your timetable look like?


  1. Wow you have a busy week. I will try and post my timetable later in the week. Happy holidays - still a gorgeous week to go for us.
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  2. shame you only get 1 break all day!

    I will post my timetable later too!!!