Sunday, September 29, 2013

Syl/la/ble chunk/ing

Last term, we talked a lot about syllables and breaking words into pieces to help us figure out how to read and spell unknown words. When I went to school, we clapped syllables but in our school, we teach the kids to place their hand under their chin (palm down) and the word is broken into syllables by the number of times your chin hits your hand. And the fact that we teach kids to clap for A LOT of things....if we want it to actually mean something, often it will get lost in the 'act' of clapping.

Let's do a test.

Hand flat under your chin.

1. banana - (ba/na/na)
2. apple - (ap/ple)
3. peach - (peach)
4. watermelon - (wa/ter/me/lon)

How did you go?

To go over our syllables, I made this cute little worksheet. Kids say the word associated with the picture, cut it out and glue it into the column with the right amount of syllables :)

Click the picture to go and grab it


  1. Thanks for sharing, Brooke! I recently learned the hand under chin method and find it much easier!

  2. I had never heard of the hand under the chin-I love it! This is why I love bloglovin! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I have never heard of this method; it is great and I think my preppies will find it easier than clapping!
    Thank you for sharing.